South Florida sushi lovers can thank Abe Ng for making fast, affordable, high quality sushi available in the area. What started 20 years ago in South Miami is now a sushi empire with restaurants and sushi stations in 20 locations across the region, including Whole Foods Markets from Pinecrest to Delray Beach. We asked Mr. Ng about Sushi Maki, and why he chose South Miami for his flagship restaurant.

Q. When and where did the first Sushi Maki open?

A. Our first location opened in 2000 at 5812 Sunset Drive. For those who remember South Miami back then, we took over the old Ben & Jerry’s space and later expanded next door. 

Q. What is it about the area that led you to open in South Miami?

A. South Miami is the perfect combination of a historic, small-town main street and an upscale destination with trendy boutiques and an eclectic mix of restaurants. Though it’s changed a lot in 20 years, South Miami is still full of energy and a place where people love to gather. 

Q. How are you planning on marking Sushi Maki’s 20th anniversary?

A. We’ve been spreading goodness in our community for two decades – note the special anniversary design on our menus and bags – and that’s something to celebrate, even in the midst of 2020’s challenges! While this isn’t the year we envisioned, we’re extremely grateful to be in business and still growing. 

Q. How has Sushi Maki adapted to the pandemic?

A. Our catering department immediately moved from doing events to serving crisis meals for people in need. Working with several non-profits, we prepared and donated more than 15,000 meals. No one could have foreseen the challenges we’ve all faced, and no one really knows how things will be going forward, but we’re all thankful to be able to withstand these uncertain times.

Q. What does the future hold for Sushi Maki?

A. We just opened in the Dadeland area, in the very same spot where my parents opened Canton Chinese Restaurant in the 70s, so that’s pretty special. We’ve also added some new Whole Foods Market locations and we just opened inside the new Hope Tower at Baptist Hospital. And, as always, we remain focused on continuous quality improvement. 

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