It’s about that time to start thinking about transitioning into your Spring Summer wardrobe.

I suggest you start with a custom LIGHTWEIGHT SPRING SUIT.  Whether you go with a linen, cotton, seersucker, or lightweight wool suit, these options will make a statement and keep you cool throughout the Spring and Summer months. A tan cotton suit is a staple for those days when you do not want to put too much thought into your outfit but want to look stylish as well. It is easy to pair up with any pastel colored or gingham patterned shirt.  

A custom JERSEY SWACKET, LINEN OR LIGHTWEIGHT BLAZER is also a key garment.  Lightweight blazers are perfect for casual Fridays at work or heading to lunch or dinner with friends. They are a great way to insert a stylish statement while keeping cool. Another option for your lightweight sport coat is going with a completely unconstructed garment giving it a more casual feel and look.  This garment has no shoulder pads and minimal -if not any – lining and allows for extreme comfort and ease.  

If you do not already own a SILK KNIT TIE, the Spring Summer is the time to get one to spruce up your business look and break away from the classic. Even though you may be thinking wearing a tie in the Spring and Summer months is optional, if you find yourself having to use one, the knit tie is the one to wear. They are fun and unconventional and sure to be a conversation piece.  

When it comes to shirting, every gentleman needs a custom GINGHAM PATTERNED SHIRT.  It’s a staple for your Spring and Summer wardrobe because they can be worn dressed up with a suit or blazer or dressed down on their own or underneath a sweater with a pair of jeans or chinos. Gingham patterned shirts come in an array of great color options to choose from in multiple gingham styles. The colored checks add a bold touch to a look that can take you anywhere.

And last but not least custom CHINOS. Chino pants are often cut slimmer with a closer fit and are a great choice to be worn in the Spring and Summer. They’re a great alternative for those days when you do not feel like wearing jeans and when you want to just feel cool and comfortable.  

Most importantly though to be able to look your best you must KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS.  This is very important to make sure that your clothing fits properly and looks good.  Find yourself someone who takes the time to analyze your measurements, as well as, your body physique. 

Now, don’t just sit there reading about it… Spring into action!

Blanca Pastrana


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