The key component to any properly styled outfit is in the accessories. This spring 2020 we bring you the hottest jewelry trends, including pieces that you may have worn in the 80’s. Many styles are destined to be the next big thing, but there are some major trends that will be impossible to resist.  From the new take on hoop earrings, thick statement chains, to candy colored strands of beads. Take a peek at what’s driving the fashion world wild in jewelry.

Hoops aren’t a new trend, but for spring they have been supersized. The new XXL proportions were paired with everything from power suiting to LBDs and are intended to go with just about anything. the chic oversized look lends itself to being the statement accessory to any outfit, most hoops are just a simple wire loop, but this season were embracing hoops in any size, shape, and texture.

Chunky chains have taken the place of dainty jewelry more and more lately, and if the recent resurgence show any indication, the trend is only going to gain strength in the coming seasons. From gold and silver tones, matte textured, high polish, even plastic and colorful any possible form represented in a chunky link chain is all the rage.

The new wave of pearl jewelry is sleek and modern and miles away from anything you might find in your grandma’s jewelry box. Classic pearl studs became LARGE, petite polished pearls in dainty asymmetrical earrings, or edgy and sculptural designs with incorporated pearl details, pearl-capped ear cuffs and even hoops with pearls on drops, wired in, or just floating about. Another chic pearl trend is wearing them in their natural baroque state, where the beauty and luster shines through natural imperfections.

Spring always encourages a renewed appreciation for bright colors, and that applies to jewelry as well. Switching it up from the traditional framed gems and metalwork motifs that defined many of the jewelry trends of decades past, the rebirth of multi-colored gem jewelry is back and making a statement. An array of rainbow colored gemstones piled on in all forms from the ears to the wrists, , statement pieces in multicolored cabochons set in heavy hammered styles like long lost jewels from a middle eastern souk. Even cameos set in necklaces with a pseudo baroque feel. Let’s not forget the romantic twist of candy-hued beads for a touch bohemian femininity.

Whether you’re revamping your family heirlooms or going for a newly acquired item that’s on trend, the importance of accessories to any outfit is a make or break deal. The true essence of style is how you put it together and make each look your own. Be daring, take risks, change things up, don’t be scared of pushing the envelope. Only you can be your own true stylist, and only you know what works best with your wardrobe. Have fun and style on.

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