Bringing the memory of her father and observations as she dances her way into her new role.

SOMI Magazine starts a new business profile series, introducing our readers to those children who are walking in the steps of their parents and taking charge of the locally established business and advancing it into the future.

Our first profile is Alexa Abril, daughter of SOMI’s own well established fashionista Alex Abril who passed away suddenly when Alexa was a teenager.  While this writer knew Alex very well in working with our area merchants, this was the first time to sit down with his daughter at a local coffee shop.

Alex Abril founded Group LX in 1994.  Sunset Drive in South Miami was the “Rodeo Drive” for shoppers throughout the area and beyond.  Many fine stores were located on Sunset Drive.  At the time, Studio LX, a contemporary women’s clothing store, was the only venue in the Group LX business portfolio.  Within a few years Alex wanted to grow the company and brought on two business partners, brother and sister, Gary and Camille Tie-Shue. When Alex passed away in 2011, the partners took over business operations.

Alexa is pictured here with an image of her dad over her shoulder.  While starting out as a Group LX employee, seven years later, she proudly says she is an owner of Group LX! Living her dream of owning a business and doing so while continuing her father’s legacy.

Alexa grew up at Studio LX, helping out whenever possible, and watching in awe as customer tried on gorgeous dresses. She dreamed of the day she could run a business like her dad.  Fashion became a second passion for Alexa; her first: dance.  Over the years, she attended Southwood Middle School, focused on dance at New World and headed to Southern California for college to pursue that further.  In a published interview with VoyageMIA she noted: “I began twirling and spinning as soon as I could walk and continued dancing for 20+ years. Dance molded me into the person I am today; I owe a lot of my discipline to the art form.”  While ballet, jazz and hip-hop consumed much of her time growing up, being around her dad’s business, retail and the fashion industry eclipsed, and became another passion. After graduating college she went to work for Group LX’s newest concept Market, which Alexa helped develop. 

Today Group LX consists of three boutique concepts: Studio LX, Blush, and Market. As noted Studio LX is a contemporary women’s clothing boutique where you will find high-end designer pieces specially curated for the Miami client.  “Studio,” as it is referred to by the team, oozes luxury.  Blush appeals to the younger clientele on a budget, and there is Market, a one-stop shop for affordable basics in neutral tones and stacks
of denim.

Noting a big shift from store retail to online sales, there’s a sizeable customer audience that prefers a one-on-one personal shopping experience, which Alexa refers to as their “concierge” service.  With her dad’s DNA in play, the stores take pride in offering customers a true boutique experience where yes, they come in and shop but it’s so much more than that. LX customers become friends, and this is the kind of personal attention you don’t get from department stores and online shopping.

Alexa expresses her gratitude and memory of her father, from whom she learned so much, and his business partners who took her under their wings after her dad’s passing and growing up in the business.
She acknowledges her mom, grandmother and aunts who are most excited that she has embarked on this role as Group LX president.  They were there for her father when he began in 1994, painting, fixing up the store and merchandising.  And they are eager to help Alexa as she plans out the future of Group LX.


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