Located in the lobby of the First National Bank of South Miami, each month The Wirtz Gallery presents local & international artists.  Gallery hours are Monday to Thursday 9a-4p, and Friday, 9a-6p.  Artist receptions are generally held on the second Friday of the month, from 6-9p and are open to the public.

In June, the gallery is pleased to host a two person show “Mutually Suited” curated by Diego Victoria.  The two artists are Ana Maria Hoyos and Maria Teresa D’Azucena.


Ana Maria Hoyos is a Colombian born American artist. She embraced painting as a means of expression, exploring her personal identity, both past and present within the context of the ever present human condition of today’s modern woman.





Maria Teresa De Azucena was born in El Salvador into a of “bohemians” where she discovered her passion for arts, between music, poems and songs.



In July, The Wirtz Gallery hosts a Connecticut Yankee named Damian Stephens, a creator, inventor, physio-trainer, and an artist driven by the urge to create and build in the physical world what only he can see in his mind.  His body of work consists of multimedia pieces that are engaging and reflect on the relationship between people and their environment.




Two retail locations in SOMI that have a unique artistic presence are arango and The Archive.  Both are located on Sunset Drive, however at opposite ends of town.

arango has enjoyed over fifty years in presenting Miamians modern design in housewares, furnishing and accessories.  For decades, arango was a fixture at Dadeland. Last fall, arango went from the mall to main street (5864 Sunset Drive).  In May, an exhibition entitled “Stockholm: art meets metal”  featured a collection of vases, bowls and centerpieces designed by Swedish designers Bernadotte & Kylberg inspired by the archipelago and the Baltic Sea.

The Archive Fine Art & Collectibles is located directly east of Red Road (1559 1/2 Sunset Drive).  The studio recently presented an exhibition of the works of The Highwaymen, a group of 26 African-American artists whose focus is the Florida landscape.


















SOMIartwalk© is held the second Friday (6-9p) of the month, from October through March.  Art night visitors walking through our town center get to appreciate the visual and performing arts while also experiencing the uniqueness of our charming retail/restaurant district.  And along the sidewalks in town both established and emerging artists exhibit their work as part of the SOMI Sidewalk Showcase.
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Visual and performing artists who would like to showcase their work in next season’s artwalk (Oct 2015-March 2016) should contact the SOMI Magazine publisher at


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