With the beautiful summer days beginning to shorten, the approach of winter is upon us – that time of the year where the leaves turn, and the autumn splendor cascades from the trees above in an array of reds, oranges, and vibrant yellows. The mossy greens turn a shade of brown, and blue skies give way to the ashy grays of thunderous rain clouds. Though Fall is a time where the color palette tends to dull out, this is one year that has color splashed all over it. Straight from the Fall 2015 collection, we bring you the best this season has to offer.

Think of the sun coming out after a fierce storm, the slight rays bringing a glimmer of hope for better days. From warming yellow ochre coloring that is mellow and comforting one can only imagine the warmth of its shade despite the cool undertones of the fall season. Inspiring positive emotions through his collection, Giambattista Valli included this color in lovely florals with knit combination, soft zigzag lines which made their way down the body of tunics in rich ochres and black with slight hints of pink dusted white accents. John Galliano took to a darker hue and turned it into skirts, blazers, accents on dresses
and coats.

Since the late 1960s through the 1970s have been the biggest inspirations for the whole year, it seems only fitting that Pantone declared Cadmium Orange as part of the trendiest colors for Fall 2015. It is a color that offers with it a sense of optimism, and a rather laid back desire to see the sun shine and knowing that it will be smiling right back at us. “It is a playful color that brings out the youthful nature hidden within us all, no matter what our age, while still maintaining an air of sophistication, appealing to the masses and certainly gentle on the eyes. A rich and warm color that does not burn you like the sunshine yellow or the pure orange pieces seen lately on the runways,” said Leatrice Eiseman (Director and CEO of Pantone). Instead, it offers a relaxing atmosphere, reduces the amount of drama in our lives, yet is strong enough to stand on its own as a striking color used as a contrast among the layers.

Marc Jacobs opted for a much deeper orange hue in his collection, while Balmain combined it with blue and purple hues. We even saw Louis Vuitton showing off peplum tops in rib knits, heavy hems and detailing that had them stand away from the body. Celine also seems to have taken a liking to the orange hue, turning it into handbags as well as using it on garments.

The Marsala wine hue was named the Pantone color of the year 2015. While it is earthy, it also has a flair for drama, rich and full-bodied, a red-brown coloring that brings warmth to any piece it is used on. Marsala also defines sophistication in itself; it is a color that has a good amount of texture, and a matte finish only brings its more organic sheen to life. It speaks of glamour and luxury, no matter what layer of clothing it is in. Maison Margiela throws in a few sprigs of Marsala-hued pieces, from the lacy short sleeved mesh top to the sequined midi dress with flittering paillettes and an open collar, revealing the black turtle necked top underneath. The combination of Marsala and black is actually quite interesting, giving just enough of a contrast while still keeping to the darker tones. If you thought that the Fall 2015 colors were all going to be dull and dark, you really thought wrong. We were pleasantly surprised to see the classic reds on the rise in runway styles, from Dolce and Gabbana, and Alexander McQueen to Saint Laurent’s polka dot and tulle version.

Being that fashion is cyclical and what were once antiquated styles from decades past are the new “it” looks on the runway, one can’t help but turn a nostalgic eye to the days of your youth. The rebirthing of decades-old styles is a reminder to never toss or discard your loving vintage wears, as they might be next season’s hot trend item.


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