Douglas Gonzalez & Rosendo Jesus Duran

The Beach Club Salon is celebrating 30 years of doing business in the South Miami Town Center. Business partners Rosendo Jesus Duran and Douglas Gonzalez followed their mutual artistic nature and opened
the salon on May 5, 1987.

Today, Rosendo and Douglas continue to share the spotlight as owners of a salon dedicated to making their clients look and feel their best. Both enjoy fine reputations as stylists and savvy businessmen who understand how to enjoy life. At the Beach Club, you can expect the unexpected. If the mood strikes, Douglas might play the guitar and sing a few bars from “Hotel California.” A ‘mood-adjustment’ cart with some favorite libations greets you at the receptionist’s desk, and some of Douglas’s paintings grace the walls. The atmosphere overall is friendly and laid back, with a host of personal services from hair-cutting and styling, coloring and conditioning, to skin care and makeup application, to waxing and nail care.

Rosendo and Douglas have been recognized as top stylists by national fashion magazines. They owe a lot of their success in the business to staying current by traveling to and studying the latest styles and trends at fashion and beauty meccas around the world.

Douglas has engaged in artistic pursuits his entire life. Both actor and painter, he discovered that he also had a talent and a passion for styling and cutting hair. It was the 1975 movie “Shampoo” that piqued his interest about the beauty and fashion field.

Douglas, a graduate of the Miami Institute of Beauty and Culture, has had many memorable clients, including singer Julio Iglesias for 20 years, for whom he was a stylist. He shares a photo of himself playing the violin in a clip with the singer.

“In 1981, I was hired to play the violin for two days, and I did the model’s hair. That’s how I became the hairdresser for Mr. Iglesias,” said Douglas.

Rosendo specializes in all aspects of hair care and coloring. He was educated at the Wilfred School in White Plains, NY. He worked with Vidal Sassoon (New York City), Peter of London (Miami), and Glemby International (Atlanta), among others, before opening the Beach Club salon. He has had many celebrity clients, including anchorwoman, Jackie Nespral and singer Charytín, among others.

“I love cutting hair as much now as I did when I first started,” said Rosendo.

Rosendo started his career as a professional musician. But it was the beauty business that he chose. He speaks about being in the business when the “revolution” of cutting hair was started by stylists like Vidal Sassoon and Paul Mitchell. For years, hair was about the style and not the cut. People like Sassoon and Mitchell changed all that.  Using their approach to hair, Rosendo said, “Let you feel like an artist.”

Quality and consistency are hallmarks of the Beach Club Salon. Many of the employees have been working there for a decade and some for over two decades. Rosendo spoke about the loyal clientele and the reputation of the salon, “We do good work.”

The Beach Club Salon is located at 5718 Sunset Drive. For more information visit the website at  or call at 305.666.2917.


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