Shrouded in mystery for the past eleven months, Buns & Buns opened on Monday, January 27th.  For months, passersby would wonder what was happening inside the covered restaurant windows. And it was during those eleven months that the creators of the concept and corporate chef went on a world-wind gastronomic tour to select savory dishes to satisfy the palate.  Culinary discoveries are served which were found on their trip visiting places such as Bangkok, Paris, London, Istanbul, Berlin and the USA.

The highly-anticipated, upscale yet casusal over-the-counter concept offers a globally-dynamic menu with a focus on freshly baked breads and buns, an exotic blend of handcrafted sauces and spices, and a premium selection of meat, vegetable and seafood dishes prepared on the grill.

The textured and intricate rustic décor reflects the quick-witted nature of the concept and its sense of whimsy and adventure. Walls are lined with white brick and souvenirs brought back from the team’s world tour. Guests will quickly note the attention to detail throughout, and feel the heft of the silverware, glassware and stoneware service. Diners can sit at one of the many wooden tabletops and appreciate a great panorama of Sunset Drive.  Guests can also take a seat at the Chef’s Bar which showcases the artistry of the chefs at work. The open kitchen and intimate, cozy ambiance is warm and inviting while still evoking a lively vibe.

Ingredient-driven restaurant serves premium fine-dining cuisine at an accessible price, with made-to-order dishes served over-the-counter and at the Chef’s Bar.

The diner’s journey begins with selecting a freshly baked bun, choosing a grill selection.  Refreshing house salads made with local and seasonal ingredients.  And don’t forget dessert!


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