The president of the Colombian Senate tours the sculpture garden with organizers.

On Friday, September 17 the South Florida Colombian community and South Miami city officials welcomed Juan Diego Gómez, presidente del Senado de Colombia. He was greeted at the Colombian Consulate office in Coral Gables and after remarks from many dignitaries and a reception, proceeded to Dante Fascell Park in the City of South Miami for a site visit to the Colombian Sculpture Garden, a project of the Sister City between South Miami and the City of Medellin.  

South Miami mayor Sally Philips, commissioners Josh Liebman and Luis Gil, city manager Shari Kamaili join president Juan Gomez and the consul at the reception for a photo.

At the reception Consul General Pedro Valencia’ recognized the significance of art in bringing communities together and acknowledged his meetings with South Miami Commissioner Josh Liebman in developing this concept.  The consul general noted “how I see this wonderful place, the concept of the Colombia Sculpture Garden in the City of South Miami: It is a place to recognize Colombian culture and specially Medellín as a city, as a sister city, and a place for South Miami to be proud of: beautiful, cultural, further I´d say multicultural, diverse, inclusive.”

He exhorted people to visit Medellin, South Miami’s sister city.  “I know that visiting Medellin will give people an overview on the social inclusion, urban security, public transportation and economic progress that Medellin has accomplished in recent years. This transformation led the city of Medellin to be ranked today as ‘the most innovative city in the world’ according to the Wall Street Journal and Citibank.”

Sculpture garden curator Dr. Santiago Medina presents an original sculpture to the president for “Casa Blanca” in Colombia.

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