Elynn Gayol is an artist who thrives on perfection. Raised in an environment of artistic women, she has developed the critical eye required for the exacting work of jewelry design and execution. She incorporates her knowledge of historic jewelry designs into her creations. One of her favorite periods is Mid-Century Modern. She enjoys the organic shapes that are associated with furniture, architecture and decorative arts of 1950s America.

Another essential part of her design ethic is her drive to make most of the jewelry by hand, from the findings to the braided cord, to hand-casting polymer resin elements. She creates as they say, “from scratch.”

“I don’t outsource. Everything is hand-made by me. I put my entire heart into it,” said Elynn.

Elynn, a resident of South Miami, is an artist but she is also a high school teacher and a fitness instructor. As with many successful people in our society today, Elynn earns her income from more than one source, teaching English at the Braddock School and teaching aerobics at LA Fitness.

“I have to make time for my jewelry,” said Elynn.

In between all of that she creates affordable and unique pieces of jewelry. She sells her work at art festivals and on Etsy. However, much of her jewelry sells when someone asks her, “Where did you get that?”

“I sell the most jewelry right off my arm,” said Elynn.

For her line, M.O.D.esign Jewelry the artist employs the ancient Japanese form of braiding using multiple strands of cord, called “kumihimo.” The technique, which dates back to about 645 ACE, uses disks or plates to create cording for everything from belts to jewelry. From Elynn’s necklaces of rounded braid hang stones or hand-cast polymer resin pieces in her signature organically-inspired designs. She makes leather cuff bracelets adorned with semi-precious stones; and she combines the delicacy of fire-treated Czech glass beads with the strength and durability of leather cording
to make a wrap bracelet.

In what she describes as the “triumvirate” of design aesthetic, Elynn divides her work into three groups: wire-wrapping /hand-weaving (kumihimo); avant-garde/Mid-Century Modern using unconventional materials like insulated wiring and plumber’s tubing; and textiles with organic pieces and semi-precious stones.

Elynn is a graduate of the University of Miami. She is a Psychology major-turned-English teacher and truly enjoys working with young people. The patience required of teaching and artistry seems to be embedded in the family DNA. Her mother was an art teacher for 40 years; Elynn’s grandmother taught her the joys of sewing and other needle-based arts.

“I am an eternal learner. I will most likely be studying for my Master’s degree soon,” said Elynn.

The Etsy online shopping site (www.etsy.com) is one place to see Elynn’s work and to get an idea about her meticulous attention to detail (look for M.O.D.esign Jewelry). She can also be contacted at 305-726-8727.


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