Art as a discipline extends to many pursuits, among them are music, dance, drama, creative writing, painting and sculpture. SoMi Magazine continues its focus on those who share their artistic talents with the community. 

Marilyn Brown shares her love of Florida by capturing the majesty of the Everglades, or a fleeting cloud formation as it heralds an approaching storm over the Keys, or the play of light through Palmetto leaves. To fully see and then successfully convey in a photograph what it is that makes this place Florida requires time and patience.

As Zane Grey wrote about the Everglades, “A certain kind of lure began to dawn on me. This is a country that must be understood.”

Marilyn Brown has been passionate about photography since her student days at the University of Florida, where she majored in journalism and had classes in photojournalism. She had the opportunity to study with Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Buddy Davis. After college she got married but never lost her passion for photography.

“I always did what I was supposed to do, making a home and taking care of my children, but I always kept up with my passion,” said Marilyn.

The artist works primarily in black and while and uses a 4”x5” field camera. Marilyn skillfully conveys large, sweeping landscapes in which all details are clear.

“Something in nature can last for just a moment and then it is gone. I don’t believe I control those conditions—I am simply allowed to be there when it happens,” said Marilyn.

Those who influence Marilyn’s work include her mother Ruth Hood, a talented artist who worked for Disney and who photographed China and Japan in the 40s. Other artists whose works resonate for her are Rembrandt, Norman Rockwell, and Alfred Stieglitz. It is about getting the light (she does not use a flash) and capturing an emotion.

“There must be an emotional component to my pictures; this is really important to me,” said Marilyn.

Marilyn Brown would like her photographs to make people care about Florida’s natural wonders so that they will be inspired to protect them for future generations. This extends to the built environment as well. Her pictures of lighthouses, historic homes, grand estates and off-the-beaten-path fishing shacks instruct us about our shared past.

Marilyn is a prolific, popular and highly successful artist who believes there is no lack of subject matter, especially in Florida.

Her advice to others regarding her success as a photographer is that you must show up (seize every opportunity) and you must concentrate (learn how to look). Also, it is best to become proficient with three lenses—really learn how to use them and to use
them well.

Marilyn participates in the Coconut Grove Art Festival each year as a Visiting Artist. Her photographs are for sale, and she invites
those interested in her work to visit her website at www.marilynbrownphotography.com, or to email her at FlaPicture@aol.com.

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