Once and for all let’s forget about being skinny and focus on being strong. Think about how we describe the people that inspire us. Whether we are referring to political leaders, military personnel, law enforcement officers, superheroes, or extraordinary moms and dads, the most common adjective for a great leader is strong. Being strong inspires confidence and trust. 

If you are a leader, in your workplace or in your household, being strong is what your family and your team expects and needs from you. They do not care if you are skinny; they want you to be strong. Our children love superheroes because they are strong. Whether they are male or female doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are strong and that they can protect the world from evil. Now maybe we can’t protect the world from evil, but we can all be strong and inspirational to our children and to our families.

I have noticed a wonderful trend in our fitness studios lately. I have had lots of women tell me that they are less interested in losing weight and more interested in being strong. They want to be strong for their kids, and they want to be strong for themselves. Strength brings an undeniable feeling of self-confidence, and that feeling transcends the gym. The feeling of being strong and the self-confidence that comes with it transfers into the workplace and into the home. We all inherently know when someone is strong both physically and mentally, and it is difficult not to respect that person.

Strong means having the ability to carry your child or grandchild on your shoulders for hours at a time. Strong means being able to work around the house and in the yard without pain. Strong means believing deep inside that you can conquer whatever challenges you might face.

The good news is that even if you were not “born strong,” you can become strong, both mentally and physically. Strength training can be very basic, and it is never too late to start or to benefit from a it. Nationwide, seniors and middle-aged men and women are the largest growing group participating in strength training right now. A good strength program will develop strong muscles and bones, increase tone, and even speed up your metabolism for a leaner and better looking body. Don’t put it off until after the holidays. Make the decision to get strong today, and set the plan in motion by joining a local gym or hiring a good personal trainer.


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