With spring come many colorful and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Not to mention that we live in the sunshine state, so we can source many of these in-season ingredients directly from our home state. Local is always better, am I right? 

What better way to support your local farmers and farmer’s markets than to shop for in season, local fruits and vegetables! 

Eating in season goes hand in hand with eating healthy. In our modern world and overconsumption society, we have been inclined to expect items to be available year round in the supermarket. But nature did not make it that way. So in order to get you strawberries in December, a lot of engineering, chemicals, and other unnatural techniques were probably used to make that happen. Letting nature run its course is always the healthiest of options.  

So here is a list of what to look for in your local market this spring, and the health benefits that they bring.

Citrus fruits:  I obviously could not skip citruses. There are different types that are more or less available year round in our state, but either way you will be sure to stock up on some much needed vitamin C!

Asparagus:  low in calories but high in nutrients, like vitamin K, promoting bone health and blood circulation, and fiber, excellent for digestion.

Blueberries:  the queens of antioxidants (flavonoids to be exact), they help protect against aging and prevent illnesses such as cancer and high blood pressure. 

Tomatoes:  high in lycopene, another antioxidant, promotes heart and skin health, and may help prevent sunburns*, a great plus for us South Floridians!

All types of leafy greens:  leafy greens are generally packed with nutrients micronutrients such as vitamins K, C, A, and B. The star of the show? Kale, which is the most nutrient dense vegetable out there. 

Valentina Coleman is a native of Luguria, Italy and is the founder, owner and chef of EARTH in South Miami.  She started the eatery four years ago, and brings her passion of preparing foods for healthy living, following the long Italian culinary tradition focusing on a healthy way of cooking.  EARTH is located at 5831 Sunset Drive, 305.397.8678.


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