Summer has dawned upon us…. how do you keep the family on track nutrition wise? 

This year was a challenge with kids at home with virtual learning; our “normal” routines were all set aside.  Now that things are easing up on the pandemic front and kids are freed from their monitors.  So how do you manage now that summer is upon us.  Here are a few tricks and tips to help keep your family (kids AND adults included!) on track during these “fun” months.

#1 Rule: Plan Ahead! This applies to any circumstance really, but especially in the summer months, you are never too prepared for healthy snacks. When kids are running around at the beach or summer camp all day, they will definitely get hungry. What do you think would be best, a trip to the ice cream truck / fast food restaurant, or having delicious fresh fruit and/or juice, homemade sandwich bites (ham&cheese is always a go-to, or hummus&cucumber for vegans)?

And of course CHIPS! What can I say, I’m a chips fanatic myself, but it’s still best to go for healthier options like gluten free or vegetable chips with your favorite dip! 

PS: These tips all greatly apply to most adults who love to have good time at the beach along with their children…  

Hydration is Key: always favor water above anything else. Water provides hydration. Anything else you might want to drink will only provide added sugars that you don’t actually need. If you feel light headed because of the heat? Eat some fruit. Don’t drink soda. If you really need some extra flavor, try infusing your water with cucumber slices, or strawberries, or even watermelon. 

Stay Active! Sometimes just watching our kids run around all day is exhausting. But that doesn’t mean you are doing the running with them! Take advantage of these summer months to get more time playing with your kids. It might just be the workout you needed!

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