Inspired by culture, art, and fashion, this edition brings to life the essence and importance of jewelry in everyday use.

In a category all its own, jewelry helps convey the story of one’s own personal style, illuminating the repertoire of constant self-expression and the driving influences behind vanity and the pursuit of one’s own look.

But it’s becoming more difficult to demonstrate our “individuality” with the transient nature of fashion trends. The world feasts its eyes on the decadence and allure of runway shows and luxury brands.  Forgetting that the “HYPE of the scene” isn’t what we really seek when trying to stay true to ourselves. Taking a look back at the classics of style, we come to recognize that fashion and trends are transient.  Although, we must never forget that the inspiration for these current ideas come from the yester years; the good old times; the glory days!

This season let’s explore the importance of jewelry as a fashion accessory.  With a devoted and identifiable following in mega fashion trends and designer luxury distribution, jewelry has somehow taken a back seat to hand bags, shoes, and other forms of frivolous fashion expenditures. With sky rocketing prices and a still weak economy we really should take a step back and look at the big picture, investing in items with intrinsic value.

The driving force behind the resurgence of statement jewelry came in the form of the blockbuster movie “The Great Gatsby” by director Baz Luhrmann, a tribute to the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This film gives us an inside look at the exuberance of the roaring 20’s, a time where more was more, and quality reigned over quantity. Created by the house of Tiffany and Co., the real stars of the film were the decadent jewelry worn throughout. The attention to the lavishness and grandeur of the pieces is a flawless portrayal of how jewelry sets the standard for the uber-wealthy and their designs become timeless.  With that being said, we take inspiration from many different decades of fashion and style, and begin to blend the statement pieces with fashion garments.

Chanel was never seen or photographed without her layers of pearl strands, or the Duchess of Windsor without her signature brooches. And let’s not even try to imagine Audrey Hepburn in her signature little black Givenchy dress with out her diamond pieces. See the importance of the proper jeweled accessory, and how it seals the flawless look of these classic icons?  The trick to keeping the styled eye refined is to invest properly in timeless pieces that always convey a level of importance. Jewelry has and forever will be a means of individuality and self-expression. Think about this the next time you spend thousands of dollars on the “IT” bag or that “must have” pair of shoes you can’t walk in. Yes, life has its guilty little pleasures, but they should also come with the knowledge that your money has been well spent.


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