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Klara Chavarría paints to reveal or inform the “human condition. ” Her canvases and drawings depict the human form abstractly while capturing the inward soul, that which defines the person. The artist is also concerned to demonstrate how much humans are a part of nature and how much they have strayed from it. In that loss of contact with nature, that disconnect from seeing ourselves as a creature of this Earth, we have harmed the very planet on which we rely. 

Soul Keeper

Her online statement best states her inspiration:

In my work the human becomes line and form tracing toward the source, eliminates any distraction or definition and aligns concern and question with my need for observation and the contemplation of life. I have an interest in the essence of our human self and not in any exterior definitions or characterizations. 

Klara Chavarría Kepfer is an artist and designer originally hailing from Guatemala City. She began her studies with a renowned artist and professor when she was only eight years old. In 1993, she traveled to the U. S. to study at Kansas State University, concentrating on design, visual arts and painting. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. 

After a career in design, Chavarría’s art career began over 15 years ago in the Midwest with studios in Chicago and Cincinnati. She has lived in south Florida for more than a decade and operates Coral Gables gallery Klara Chavarría Contemporary Art. Her work is collected and displayed in many national and international collections, both private and corporate. The City of Miami Beach features her art, as does Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry and O’Hare International Airport. 

The Healing of a Comforted Heart

“Nature inspires me; it is the essence of humanity, “said Chavarría. 

The artist regards each of her works as possessing its own story and soul. In her mixed media painting, Voice of Petals, a figure stands in a golden glow of light while gold and copper petals rain down. The figure’s head is slightly bowed in prayer or awe. 

“This painting is my observation of human life within nature—how we are a part of it—and how distractions tend to keep us away from nature,” said Chavarría. 

With deep interests in life, philosophy, and design. Chavarría continues to read and study philosophy in an effort to understand the nature of the human condition and for aesthetic inspiration. Looking at the future of her artistic output, she is going to begin working in three-dimensional art (sculpture) that she hopes will be chosen for public projects. She has begun some works in wood, but plans to create more monumental pieces in bronze. 

“As an artist it is important to be challenged and to get out of your comfort zone,” said Chavarría. 

The Klara Chavarría Contemporary Art gallery is located at 2912 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables, 33134. The phone number is 305-282-2116. To see more of the artist’s work, please visit her website at .


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