The holidays are here, and when it comes to that perfect gift for our loved ones, we sometimes seem to hit a brick wall. Well, as luck would have it, we created an exceptional shopping guide full of stocking stuffers that are sure to make everyone happy. From classic over-sized hoop earrings, statement cocktail rings, shoulder dusters and layered link necklaces, read on and find out what’s hot this winter.

One of this holiday season’s most coveted stocking stuffers is the classic pair of hoop earring; whether they are oversized or earlobe hugging, skinny or chunky, hoops are too hot this season. Made popular in the 1990s by style icons like Sade and JLo, the once-classic ‘Latina street-style look’ has gone high fashion and can make any sleek outfit chic and effortless. Look for styles with pave stones to give your daily look a little pizzazz, or find a pair that suits your wears –the bigger the better. No matter the size, no wardrobe is complete without a pair of hoops!

This year we saw a big rise in tassel earrings, the longer the better. Popularized by Oscar de la Renta, tassel earrings graced clavicles worldwide. The beauty of a bare chest with the trickle of beads became the new norm. Whether fabric, feathers, crystals, or stones, the beauty of shoulder-duster earrings captured the eye of the fashion world and will make the perfect holiday gift for any fashionista. Look for mixed media such as chains and beads to create a more dramatic effect.

Statement cocktail rings have never gone out of style, but this season we seek uniqueness. Fashion mavens are sporting multiple statement rings at once, whether it’s large stone rings packed to the knuckles or rings worn on multiple fingers. This layering effect has been on the rise since Gucci’s new creative director Alessandro Michele brought to life his playful vision of fashion in the new decade. Dawn your statement rings and not just for outings; wear them loud and proud to accentuate any outfit.

The ideal stocking stuffers we loved from this winter’s shopping guide were layered stone and link bracelet and necklace combos. The popularity of ‘90s opulence has made a comeback, and the classic styles of yesteryear have dawned a whole new era. The usage of chunky, layered, link necklaces and bracelets combined with beautiful pearl or mixed stones has become the new normal and a classic staple. Keep your eyes peeled for mixes in metal tones and links.

With a display of bold and sleek styling, this winter season is one full of dramatic flairs and unexpected eccentricity. From what we have come to see the ever-evolving fashion world keeps serving up fresh new styles by continuously reinventing the fashion wheel.


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