Myra Porter, visionary behind Myra & Company in South Miami, has been studying art in one form or another for most of her life. In the past few years, she decided to formalize her artistic journey by enrolling in the University of Miami’s Fine Arts program where she is on her way to earning a Master’s degree. 

When asked about her inspiration, Myra spoke about her love of form and color, finishing with, “Well, I figure I have been painting hair since I was 15 years old!” Myra & Company has been bringing beauty to South Miami for over 40 years. Myra together with daughter Erica has built the SW59th Court location into a venue with spa, salon, studio, and café all under one roof; one they call an “Urban Oasis.”  The spa emphasizes the sense of well-being that color can afford and is based on a seven week rotation of each of the colors of the Chakra. Myra & Company offers a very wide range of salon and spa services, personalized exercise classes at their Movement Studio and the opportunity to enjoy a healthy snack or lunch at the Myra & Company Café.

Myra has one of her three art studios located in the spa where she paints regularly. The spa is adorned by her oil paintings, both large and small. Her style can be described as abstract expressionism. She is most intrigued by Impressionist and Post-Impressionist artists. 

“I find art very enriching and was initially inspired by the trees on the farm my husband and I own in Nashville,” said Myra. In her studies at UM, Myra has been perfecting her technique and studying Art History which she loves. Another discovery for her has been how many mature women are students along with her. It appears that often many female artists find their artistic voice in painting after the age of 50.

Before she was admitted to UM, Myra used YouTube to learn about painting techniques and attended workshops for women artists. The sophistication of Myra’s work far exceeds the humble YouTube beginnings. Her choices of color are warm and pleasant and her designs intriguing. She works with a palette knife or scraper as opposed to a lot of brushwork because she enjoys creating the texture that painting
in oil can achieve. 

She has created a series of large canvases that will hang in the windows of the spa. Each is devoted to the many services available at the site. She plans an opening event for the exhibit of her works for December 15. In addition to her own art on display at the spa, Myra features the works of other artists on a regular basis.

Myra likes to champion the works of her fellow students. She is working with UM to mount an exhibition of the MFA students at the Lennar Center this year and a date will be announced soon.

Myra’s dream? To see South Miami do more to foster the arts with an eye to becoming the new Wynwood.

Selected works of Myra may be found posted in the online SOMI Magazine edition.  And visit her website and Facebook at Myra Porter Art, Inc.


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