The large photos on the wall tell part of the story about the fushion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine.  Scenes of indigenous Peruvian fisherman, the Huanchaco beach and tora caballitos boats, pictures of the first prominent Japanese business leaders to establish in Peru, the Peruvian national soccer team, the Costa Verde of Lima, and the boat Cora, Cora, which was built by MIXT owner Martin Monteverde.

Restaurateur Martin Monteverde (R), Sushi Chef Thwin Siss, Exec. Chef Eric Andreu, and Chef Amet Rodriguez.

The Monteverde family in Lima migrated from Liguria, Italy three generations ago and established themselves in the commercial life of Peru.  Fishing has been a large part of their success, built up over two generations.

Martin received his degree in Hospitality Management at FIU and subsequently worked with Star Media.  While living in Peru, he was keenly intent on learning the fishing industry developing  IT systems and involved in engineering and warehousing.  His 73 ft. “Cora, Cora” holds 100 tons of anchovy harvested off the shores of Peru and processed in Chile.

Last year, as new owner of Trattoria Sole, to the delight of many regulars, he introduced some Peruvian-Italian dishes to the traditional menu, as reflected in his heritage and family recipes.

MIXT brings the mixture of the Japanese and Peruvian cultures and food ingredients.  At MIXT, diners will appreciate the Peruvian ceviche, the Japanese sushi and other cold plates from Peru, each dish with mixt ingredients.  Each plate on the menu has at least one ingredient from each country in the mix.  The culinary operation are managed by Sushi Chef Eric Andreu who has 23 years experience in sushi preparation.  In the 1980s, Chef Eric trained under the renowned Shinji Sacamoto at Shibui in Miami.

MIXT is open seven days for lunch and dinner.  Come and enjoy some new flavors in SOMI. |  7209 SW 59 (Dorn) Avenue


Two couples, Sharon & Eddy and Israel & Marelys have known each other for the past four years, and have developed other business ventures together.  Coming from divergent backgrounds, both Sharon and Eddy are former law enforcement officers, while Israel and Marelys are in the medical profession, a series of converging coincidences and a very chance pass-by the former location, brought them all together to open one of SOMI’s latest dining spots.

SIP owners: Sharon McAllister, Eddy Torres, Israel Guardarrama, Marelys Perez.

They had a soft opening on April 16, as in “doors are open,” and haven’t let up since.  Eddy is credited for being the “idea man.”  And Eddy wanted it all – a little bit from everywhere, seafood, sushi, tapas, great select wines, full bar and cigars.  And he’s managed to put that all together under the kitchen stewardship of Emily Hedgepeth, a Johnson & Wales graduate, who also did some of her training in Asia.  With two sushi chefs and two kitchens (hot and cold), some creative dishes are being served up to a discriminating customer.  And as Emily says, “the staff shouldn’t say ‘it’s not on the menu.’  If we have the ingredients, we’ll prep it for the customer.”  For the wine connoisseur, locally well-known sommelier Jamie Futscher has put together the portfolio for the restaurant, and wines are attractively displayed on a wall.

Executive Chef Emily Hedgepeth.

The creativity extends from the kitchens to the décor at SIP.  It’s a modern and cozy bar/restaurant with urban concrete walls, mirrors, a long white bar and wine wall at the far end.  A remnant of its former business, hookahs are displayed on another wall.

While “S” is the first letter in SIP, “S” is also for smiles.  From an engaging owner greeting customers at tables, to the wait staff, bartender and chef, it’s all smiles at SIP.

SIP is open six days: from 5p-2a on Tuesday – Thursday, and weekends from 2p-2a.  And soon they will be open for lunch.  Come by and have a SIP….  |  5845 Sunset Drive | 305.668.7405


For those who may have shopped for Argentinean empanadas, desserts, meats at Patagonia Nahuen market on Sunset Drive, you’ll see a stunning transformation into the new FIN restaurant.  Owned and operated by the Amorosi family, which has the Patagonia brand on Key Biscayne, in Coral Gables, and in Doral, together with the acclaimed Olivos restaurant, FIN opened the third week of April.

FIN’s elegant interior.

Not wanting to replicate the name Olivos, the owners decided on “FIN” as in “fin del mundo” the end tip of Argentina. They wanted to make a more modern setting and bring a new fresh look to their restaurant.  With the same menu as Olivos under the direction of Chef Mariano Araya, diners will appreciate the highest quality of food and service in an elegant white and crystal setting and, at reasonable pricing.

General Manager Dalexis Tamayo & Executive Chef Mariano Araya.

Hot and cold appetizers include Argentinean beef empanades, an Argentinean mixed grill, fresh salmon tartare and a Greek octopus trimable.  On the menus is a selection of Picadas from Patagonia and salads.  There are nine main course dishes from the kitchen, and seven items from the grill.  Specialties of the house, five of them on the menu, with suggested wine pairings by Bodega del Fin del Mundo, include Cordero in a sour fig sauce, and Ravioles, Southern crab meat black ravioli.  The wine selections include vintages from Argentina, Spain, Chile, France, Italy and USA.    And save room for dessert!  There’s the traditional Caramelized crepes with dulce de leche, a goat cheese cheesecake, and coconut pnnacota among other enticing selections.

FIN is open seven days a week serving lunch and dinner.  (The lunch menu is the same as the dinner menu, at a reduced price.)

Come and enjoy the flavors at the end of the world.  |  5861 Sunset Drive | 305.668.4881 |


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