On Thursday, September 20, after the P.O.T.U.S. had a televised interview at the UM campus, he grabbed a bite to eat here in town.

With one and a half hour confirmed notice to the S.M.P.D. to effect street closures, at 3:30p, the Presidential motorcade made its way south from the UM in the northbound lane of US1, turning off at 58 Avenue and left on Sunset to stop at OMG! Burgers.  With wailing sirens, limos and black SUVs, the entourage certainly gathered a great deal of attention along Sunset Drive.  Camera phone were held high in the air, with some lucky to get a snap of the Commander-in-Chief.  Employees at the First National Bank of South Miami peered out their windows to get a glimpse of the President.  And now, SOMI has a “Presidential Burger” for years to come!

Photo by Wood Poteau /Ariel Hargrett

Veronica B. Flores, FNBSM

This afternoon the streets of South Miami around the hometown bank were closed.
All along Sunset Drive there were police cars and motorcycles from many different agencies.  Not to mention the Secret Service was aplenty!  It was all for a very special visitor to South Miami.  The president came to our town center to get a burger at OMG Burgers right across the street.  Our staff took time out of their busy day to peer out our side windows to have a front row view of the special guest.
For many of us, it was the first time seeing a 
President of the US in person!


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