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VIGI Miami is a boutique fashion shop that has been turning out well-dressed women since 1995. Owner Virginia (“Vigi”) Lovaton opened her establishment after dedicating many years of her professional life to retail.

“I used to sell cosmetics, jewelry and lingerie out of a small area in the gym at Body Works from 1992 until I opened VIGI Miami,” said Vigi.

She has been in the same location in South Miami for 20 years at
7230-A Red Road.

Vigi studied fashion and design before launching her retail career.

“I liked fashion and cosmetics and ended up focusing on them,”
said Vigi.

When Vigi first opened VIGI Miami, she sold “a little bit of everything; everything but shoes.” Eventually, she concentrated on fashion and accessories, including shoes.

“Many of my customers come to my store and leave outfitted in something completely new from head to toe,” she said.

Vigi, who has lived in Florida since 1961 said that one of the wonderful things about her business is that she has experienced many of her customers’ major life events.

“I have many loyal clients who have come to my shop for the perfect outfit for a special date and I have watched things progress through the clients’ engagement party, then their wedding shower, and then to find something to wear to celebrate the birth of their children.”

Each occasion required just the right fashion statement to fit the event. Each time the clients would come to Vigi to achieve that desired look.

“I have outfitted my clients and their children. We are working with the third generation now,” said Vigi.

Understanding the lifestyle of her clients is one key to Vigi’s success. Another is that her clients like and appreciate her taste in fashion and accessories. “We’re nice, too,” said Vigi.

Like many small business owners in South Miami, Vigi chose the location because of its village “feel.” It is a place where people know each other and this aids in building customer loyalty. Said Vigi, “I wouldn’t like to see that change.”

In the early years of the business, she bought fashion lines that were not locally available. Now, the internet and online retail are having an impact on the uniqueness of specialty boutiques. Vigi has remained successful in spite of the electronic revolution and free shipping. It’s about her eye for fashion and knowing her customer. It is also about service. There is no substitute for excellent customer service, especially when it is personalized for each client’s needs and tastes.

“I have something for everyone,” said Vigi.

She has watched the businesses that surrounded her shop come and go over the years. “There used to be a lot of foot traffic, with people going to the bank (where RE/MAX is now) and the bakery (The Dog from Ipanema), and Gardner’s Market across the street,” she said.

VIGI Miami features fashion that is both classically timeless and hip. Her inventory includes purses, shoes, jewelry and other enjoyable items to discover.

“I have enjoyed being in South Miami and getting to know people and their wonderful kids. It continues to be so rewarding,” said Vigi. “Let’s hope that South Miami keeps its charming vibe.”

Contact Vigi at 305-661-7419.


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