Publishers Note 19-2 Spring 24

“John Edward” Smith
Creative Director & Publisher


Getting a little older by the day, I had to put a hard hat on when “springing into SoMi!” I seem to be losing that “spring”!

Actually, the hard hat was for a tour of the new construction in town. Having covered the proposed redevelopment for the Winn-Dixie site for the last decade, I met up with the developer’s project manager on site for a construction tour and a café Cubano across the street to chat it up. Our lead feature this issue covers some of the background of the project and what will be open to the public next fall 2025. (Check out for archived stories about the redevelopment.)

It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since COVID-19 sidelined our businesses (for the most part). We didn’t have people congregating on our streets, restaurants, or shops. It was great to see crowds take to the street for the Rotary Art Festival, now branded as “SOMI Art Fest” – and great job with that! Another crowd pleaser was the return of the Porsche car show.


The event started in South Miami ten years ago, and it was certainly great to see its return and the activation of the moribund Sunset Place.

In this issue, you’ll read about The Unity Wall. For the past couple of years volunteers have been coming out to paint the wall in the South Miami residential area. The wall is located at 62 Avenue & 64 Street and was a racial dividing line reflecting the Jim Crow segregation times. The dedication was held during February’s Black History month, and thanks to all the volunteers who made it happen.

SOMI Magazine has been a media sponsor of The Underline since its inception, and we’re delighted to report on the Phase Three developments which will bring The Underline here to South Miami. This project is so transformative and to be enjoyed for years to come.

In this issue, catch up on What’s New in Town. As publisher, one of the things I enjoy most is going around to meet our new business owners and telling our readers about all that’s happening around town. Their commitment to building our retail core is much appreciated.

And last, but certainly not least: congratulations to newly installed SMPD Assistant Chief Larry P. Corbin. Read about his rise through the ranks in the 37 years he has been with the department. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with him on planning and executing many of the special events which have made South Miami such a unique, family-friendly destination. His close-cut flat top, kind demeanor and understanding smile has been a constant over these many years. Congratulations sir.

Blessings as we celebrate our traditional Springtime holidays.


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