The four fashion capitals have spoken – and Paris has the last word.  Milan took an almost literal flash back to the seventies, whereas London kept to its grounded ‘Real Appeal’ with an androgynous angle. New York went for a soft retro spin with a more modern approach. But the hottest trend everyone’s been talking about is sportswear. We’ve seen full-on sportswear from the likes of Alexander Wang for years, but this time around, we’ve noticed a pared-down approach to athletic influences.  Lace-up styling is one of the most noteworthy choices this season, but from racing stripes and wrist bands to zipper pulls and drawstrings, just a detail here and there keeps the look fresh. The sporty conversation jumps between a more urban style in New York to hi-low combinations in Milan and London. Paris weighs in with some heavy sports-oriented looks that dip into the chic seaside scene. Without a doubt, sportswear is #TRENDING this spring. Read on and find out how this season’s runway looks can be your next #OOTD.

A sportier, more handcrafted trend has been gaining a lot of momentum through each of the fashion capitals. New York hinted at it with a more bohemian, tribal-tech a-la Malibu surf squad at Baja East, showcasing a mix of dyed raw silks, rich cashmere blends, distressed jersey, and cool casual knits that can be easily paired off or shared in what the design team calls ‘ambisexual’ clothing.  A fun toss up of crop tops, hooded kaftans, and cape dresses, Baja East is a young brand and one to keep your eye on. With celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Steven Tyler, and Bella Hadid sporting their “loose luxury” looks, it’s not hard to see why their easy wear brand has taken off.

London exploded with a fun take on “beachwear” at E. Tautz, where the classic stripes of deck chairs ran through the entire collection.  A take on the mods and rockers of the 1960s who used to meet up at English seaside resorts to wage battle during summer months, the look was mostly high-waisted, with loose-fitting trousers and jeans, looking both work wear/sportswear in heavy selvedge cotton twill and Northern soul in shape. Bronze shower-proof silk-nylon parkas and zip blousons showcased E. Tautz’s knack for creating quiet beauty.

Milan displayed a Flash Back tribute to the 1970s with hippy-styled retro looks. Etro went with an eased bohemian feel, which made each garment feel and look very individual and almost homemade.

All the attention was drawn to the textures and embellishing: hand-dyed textiles and embroideries made the collection look and feel free and lived in. Beautifully imperfect, the collection felt as though every garment was a treasured hippie hand-me-down found in the attic.

Paris adds its own modern twist to sportswear with lots of surface pattern, handworked craft and texture. A take on a classic summer by the sea, Moncler Gamme Rouge created a sporty yet chic collection that translated classic styles into a sleek, clean active wear collection that can be worn by anyone. Somewhat more of an obsession than a trend, woven fabrics played with sheerness cut in easy shapes that speak of active elegance for the Moncler lifestyle. Considerably airy in design, there were many shifts, smart jackets and shorts paired with chic rubber-soled trainers. Woven leathers, espadrilles, and Breton stripes kept an ever-present nautical feel and exuded a brilliance through sparkling detail that carries these looks from day to night.

There is a style and trend for everyone this season. From a boho hippie-chic vibe to a slick and stylized look, sportswear easily transcended the mundane. Prioritizing individuality when dressing is always key, yet keep your savvy, styled eyes open to fun opportunities for self-expression.


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