And what an array of colors comes with it! This season we focus on the delight of accessorizing for this fashionably radiant time of year. From pastel to floral decorum to vintage-inspired motifs, the feel this season is light and airy with a subtle touch of color; this Spring we can layer and accessorize with ease as explained in this style profile.

Trending this season is a chic mix of multi-layering beaded necklaces and long chains, or a mix of the two. Intended to play with texture and shapes, we find a lot of pastel tones, multi-color mixes, as well as an eccentric pairing of bright colors and gold tones. Spring’s color mixology uses a broad spectrum including iridescent stones such as rainbow moonstone and labradorite, which bring contrast to your daily wear. The beauty of these iridescent stones is the versatility they bring to Spring fashions.  Worn daytime or night, long or layered, iridescent stones allow for color play with any base color. Don’t be shy to mix gold tones and off-sized links to liven up your ensemble. Layer light or heavy, however you desire, but the layered look is  the thing for this Spring.

Blue and green tones paired together or intermixed with hues of like colors are making a big comeback. Sapphires and emeralds, aquamarines and peridot, blue topaz and green amethyst, and a wide array of blue-green combinations add richness and sophistication to your outfit. From long draping chandelier earrings to large cocktail rings, the palette displays a beautiful assortment of fine lilac colors bleeding into rich shades of purple and aquatic tones of turquoise fading into white.  The resurgence of floral accessories allows for a beautiful decorum on any solid base or can kick up any little black ensemble with a hint of Spring color. Keeping the mood bright and airy, we share the beauty of the sea breeze and floral tones to liven up any occasion.

The most popular Jewelry and accessory trend this Spring 2013 season is the use of antique or antique-inspired designs. Bringing back the aesthetics of past decades, we see many interchangeable brooches and lapel pins in use with Spring suits and light cardigans. Large  cocktail rings and intricately worked earrings inspired by classic designs can be found on the hottest outfits, and the ever popular trend of wearing original antique pieces of jewelry, hand-me-downs and family heirlooms continues.

Unique fashion flourishes have always been a way to distinguish your style from everyone else. A classic never dies, and neither does timeless jewelry.  Whether you’re mixing-and-matching colors and designs, taking a stroll through a floral garden, or embracing a timeless classic, Spring is the season of rebirth, so shine bright and show off this year.
Embrace the Change!


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