FOX’S will again become a living and breathing icon.

On Friday July 31, 2015, FOX’S served up their last thumb bits, prime rib, fried chicken and much more…. and don’t forget that fabled martini. 

It all started with Hank and Betty Fox’s concept for an establishment that included a bar, a family-friendly dining room, and a liquor store all under one roof. The year was 1946 when the City of South Miami had about 2,761 residents. The wordplay on the Fox name was a good choice and never changed despite the two subsequent owners through the years.  “Sherron” according to popular lore, was some sign-maker’s mistaken version of the name Sherrie, Mr. and Mrs. Fox’s granddaughter.

George Andrews purchased the place in 1967 and ran it through 2009 when René Dahdah purchased the property.   It was thought to have faced certain demise, however new owners wanted to maintain a low profile on US1 and sought a vendor who could bring back a neighborhood bar.  

Enter Lost Boy & Co. which for over the last year has been actively engaged in making a legend come alive.  Lost Boy & Co. is a hospitality company focused on storytelling through food, beverage and design experiences.  Founded in 2018 by Chris Hudnall and Randy Alonso, they opened their first bar in Downtown Miami in the Alfred I. DuPont Building called Lost Boy Dry Goods.  Attracted to bringing historic properties back to life, Lost Boy & Co is opening several bar and restaurant concepts inn 2021, from Espanola Way to Coconut Grove and now the iconic and infamous Fox’s Sherron Inn.

“SHUT THE DOOR!! You’re letting the dark out!”

With the opportunity to resurrect the iconic grandeur of Fox’s Sherron Inn; Lost Boy & Co. is going to many lengths to recreate the iconic feel.  In order to recreate the exact bar and lounge room that was once there, they are researching in many ways from pulling old photos and microfilm, to connecting with former regulars, employees, and families of previous owners.  Wood paneled walls, red leather banquette booths, captain’s swivel bar chairs, black and white striped floors and awnings, red lighting, hand painted Fox signs, 60’s jukebox, and even a recreation of the famous plane painting (is it arriving or departing?), are just some of the interior items that will be brought back.  The food menu will go almost unchanged with Tuesday & Thursday Prime Rib nights, Thumb Bits and French Onion soup.  Heavy pour martinis will of course have a side car and the Manhattan will be prepared the perfect classic way.  Even just the right level of darkness is being tended to in the hopes of maintain the integrity of everyone’s special memories of the institution.

In addition to the restoration of the original Lounge room, a liquor store concept called Sherron Inn Liquors will face the US 1 side of the building.  At Sherron Inn Liquors, you will find a variety of interesting wines & spirits in a neighborhood store setting.


At one time the big FOX’S sign wasn’t cut off at the top.  Might you have a photo going back a few decades showing what the large neon sign looked like?   Also, you can help Lost Boy & Co. if you have a photo of the infamous plane painting.  And anything else you want to pass along to help recreate the lounge and bar as you remember.

Send info to SOMI Magazine and we’ll pass it along with your contact info to Lost Boy & Co.  

Reply to jes@somimag.loc, Subject: FOX’S Return. 


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