The cult of the dog has reached epic proportions in today’s world. Jarbas Godoy would argue that is as it should be. As the man behind South Miami’s doggie spa, The Dog from Ipanema, Jarbas has been pampering and grooming dogs for over 30 years. Next year will mark the shop’s tenth anniversary at its location on Red Road in South Miami. 

The treatment of dogs is paramount to Jarbas’ business model and vision, “A humane facility to provide hair care for pets with a focus on comfort for the visiting guests.”

“When I was a child, the love I received from my dogs helped me through some bad times. Here, I can return that affection by caring for dogs and helping them look and feel their best,”
said Jarbas.

To that end, the shop’s grooming techniques keep up with and in many cases, take the in lead industry standards and practices for the animal’s health, well-being, and overall state of mind. Designed to be an anxiety-free experience for the dog, the folks at TDFI bond with each animal, turning a potentially frightening experience into one with which the dog associates pleasure.

And on the aesthetic side, TDFI offers spa packages that will leave your pup relaxed, shiny, and sweet-smelling. Jarbas also carries a full line of grooming products, organic food and treats, and other canine accoutrements such as leashes, carriers, toys, clothing, and collars.

A dog groomer from the age of 19, Jarbas started working in his home town of Ipanema in Brazil and later came to the United States. He took time out to earn a degree in psychology from the University of Miami.  After being in dog grooming business in Coral Gables for 20 years, he moved to his current location in 2006.

Jarbas’ partner Al Soares has been with the company since 1992. He is responsible for the supervision of all the preparation work needed with the canine clients before they reach their stylists, as well as overseeing their washing, conditioning and blow drying. Al continues to have a great influence on keeping the vision focused on the most humane treatment for the “babies” (as Jarbas calls his canine charges). And both he and Jarbas are concerned to keep things modern and up-to-date.

One such new initiative is TDFI’s work with a holistic-focused company that provides dental cleaning services for pets without anesthetics. Once a month they park their mobile clinic in front of the store and provide treatment.

“They have impressed me with the kindness and ability to make all kinds of dogs be comfortable with the procedure,” said Jarbas.

EXPRESS, another new service, gets the babies from their pet parents’ arms to groomer and back again, with no waiting. This may be the perfect option for dogs that have never before been separated from their pet parents.

When asked about the key to his success, Jarbas said, “I have been very lucky in life. Dogs and people have come along at just the right time.”

The Dog from Ipanema is located at 7230 SW Red Road in South Miami. For more information, call 305-663-1712; visit TDFI online at and on Facebook.


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