As ZOO Miami observes its 40th Anniversary a new Conservation Action Center has opened.  More than five years in the making, ZOO Miami is excited to open its new Conservation Action Center, an engaging interactive experience designed to connect guests to wildlife conservation efforts in a fun and inspiring way.  Combining hands-on games with impactful visuals, this state-of-the-art exhibit not only features some of the many conservation efforts being done by ZOO Miami around the world, it also shows the visitor how they can make a positive difference in protecting the environment in their own homes and backyards on a daily basis.

Guests are able to crawl through a larger than life Burmese python and learn how this and other invasive species labeled as, “Florida’s Most Wanted,” have negatively affected our environment and what they can do to help.

They will also be introduced to some or our live native species in the “Meet Your Neighbors” section where zookeepers will give regular interactive presentations with animals such as an indigo snake, gopher tortoise and box turtle.

Keeper Corners throughout the exhibit feature revolving images of zoo staff working behind the scenes and in the field as well as some of the amazing animals that call ZOO Miami home.

Guests can explore “What it Takes to Save a Species” and sit in a golf cart to take a virtual behind the scenes tour of ZOO Miami’s Animal Hospital, Nutrition Center and Butterfly Research Lab.

In addition, several interactive games have been designed to expose visitors to some of the interesting challenges faced by zoo staff such as “What’s the Poop at Zoo Miami” where visitors can compete to see who can scoop the most poop into a compost bin or be a game show host in “The Mating Game” and pair a gorilla with the best possible mate.  They can also see how high they can score in “Habitat Whack-A-Mole” while trying to eliminate environmental threats as quickly as possible.

Finally, guests will be able to walk through a typical house and learn how they can best share their habitat in a way that supports wildlife and its conservation.

The bottom line is that conservation connects us all and the goal of the new Conservation Action Center is to show that to all who visit while inspiring them to make positive changes in an effort to protect our natural environment for future generations!

  – Ron Magill


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