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“John Edward” Smith
Creative Director & Publisher


Getting a little older by the day, I had to put a hard hat on when “springing into SoMi!” I seem to be losing that “spring”!

Actually, the hard hat was for a tour of the new construction in town. Having covered the proposed redevelopment for the Winn-Dixie site for the last decade, I met up with the developer’s project manager on site for a construction tour and a café Cubano across the street to chat it up. Our lead feature this issue covers some of the background of the project and what will be open to the public next fall 2025. (Check out somimag.com for archived stories about the redevelopment.)

It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since COVID-19 sidelined our businesses (for the most part). We didn’t have people congregating on our streets, restaurants, or shops. It was great to see crowds take to the street for the Rotary Art Festival, now branded as “SOMI Art Fest” – and great job with that! Another crowd pleaser was the return of the Porsche car show.


The event started in South Miami ten years ago, and it was certainly great to see its return and the activation of the moribund Sunset Place.

In this issue, you’ll read about The Unity Wall. For the past couple of years volunteers have been coming out to paint the wall in the South Miami residential area. The wall is located at 62 Avenue & 64 Street and was a racial dividing line reflecting the Jim Crow segregation times. The dedication was held during February’s Black History month, and thanks to all the volunteers who made it happen.

SOMI Magazine has been a media sponsor of The Underline since its inception, and we’re delighted to report on the Phase Three developments which will bring The Underline here to South Miami. This project is so transformative and to be enjoyed for years to come.

In this issue, catch up on What’s New in Town. As publisher, one of the things I enjoy most is going around to meet our new business owners and telling our readers about all that’s happening around town. Their commitment to building our retail core is much appreciated.

And last, but certainly not least: congratulations to newly installed SMPD Assistant Chief Larry P. Corbin. Read about his rise through the ranks in the 37 years he has been with the department. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with him on planning and executing many of the special events which have made South Miami such a unique, family-friendly destination. His close-cut flat top, kind demeanor and understanding smile has been a constant over these many years. Congratulations sir.

Blessings as we celebrate our traditional Springtime holidays.


Momma Mia Meatballs
Sergio P., Coral Gables
A real treat at the new Italisn restaurant in town are their meatball specialty which I understand is a family recipe from nonna (grandmother) in Verona.  I’ve enjoyed them with a glass of Super Tuscan wine for a late afternoon after work treat.
Verace Cucina Italiana | 7301 SW 57 Court | 305.740.8118

Avocado Toast at its best
Maria D., High Pines
When it comes to avocado toast, in my opinion, no place serves up a better dish than at Cecile’s on Sunset Drive.  I’ve tried many different cafes throughout the area, and by far this is the best. And it is served was a fresh crisp salad. A wonderful meal.
Cecile Bakery + Café |  5744 Sunset Drive  |  305.397.8206

Hearing From You

I thoroughly enjoyed the recent art festival which was held on Sunset Drive.  I’ve attended over the years, so I noticed the new name “SOMI ART FEST” and the upbeat marketing and promotional signage throughout.  A highlight is always sitting to enjoy some great “festival food” and listening to the live entertainment.
Jorge B., South Miami

How about writing an article about the construction at the Winn-Dixie site starting as early as 3:30 am somedays, 5:30 am on a Saturday in a residential area?   This is in violation of city codes, and must be granted unreasonable and frequent exemptions by the city management.
Shelia D., South Miami

‘Great to see the Porsche show coming back to South Miami.  I enjoyed the first few years when the Das Renn Treffen was held on Sunset Drive and the surrounding streets, and has missed it in the past couple of years.  The Sunset Place venue was awesome; it certainly made that dead space come alive! 
Arlene D, South Miami


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On Friday, January 26, 2024, members of the south Florida law enforcement community descended on the South Miami City Commission Chambers for the swearing in of Larry P. Corbin as Assistant Chief for the department.

Mayor Javier Fernandez
City Manager Genare “Chip” Iglesias
Chief Reo Hatfield, III
In and Around

Larry Corbin has spent his entire law enforcement career serving the City of South Miami.  In 1987 he was sworn in as a police officer by then chief Perry Turner   Over the years he rose through the ranks, being promoted to Sergeant in 2000, and in 2009 as Lieutenant overseeing the Criminal Investigation Division.  In 2014 he was promoted to Captain assigned to the Operations Bureau, overseeing both the Patrol and Criminal Investigations Divisions.  During his tenure he has received several accolades for heroism, officer of the month, leadership, and is a recipient of the agency’s Silver Medal of Valor. 

The promotion ceremony invocation was given by SMPD Chaplain Bishop Joshua Caley of the Higher Praise & Worship Center, with opening remarks by city officials and keynote remarks by former chief Perry Turner who had sworn in Corbin in 1987.  

Chief Hatfield, former Chief Perry Turner and
Asst. Chief Larry P Corbin
Family members posing with the new Asst. Chief after pinning stars on his collar.
Lead Feature
Winn Dixie demolition: photo taken July 24, 2023
Construction site cleared: photo taken August 15, 2023
Groundbreaking ceremony: September 22, 2023 (Photo credit: Osiris Ramirez)

Avalon Bay Development

It’s been nearly six months since the official September ground-breaking for the Avalon Bay Community’s South Miami mixed use development on the site of the former Winn Dixie.

For the better part of the last decade discussions were taking place considering the fate of the Winn-Dixie store and what would happen on the 1.86 acre site in our town center.

In the throes of a global pandemic, on June 2, 2020 the South Miami City Commission unanimously approved a bold vision, which when realized will transform 73rd Street and usher in new life for our restaurant and retail district.

It’s been nearly six months since the official September ground-breaking for the Avalon Bay Community’s South Miami mixed use development on the site of the former Winn Dixie.

SOMI Publisher with Mark Schrieber, Senior Director, Development, AvalonBay Communities

For the better part of the last decade discussions were taking place considering the fate of the Winn-Dixie store and what would happen on the 1.86 acre site in our town center.

In the throes of a global pandemic, on June 2, 2020 the South Miami City Commission unanimously approved a bold vision, which when realized will transform 73rd Street and usher in new life for our restaurant and retail district.

SOMI magazine has extensively covered the proposed redevelopment over these many years, and with six months into the construction, met up with Mark Schrieber, Senior Director, Development for AvalonBay Communities.

AvalonBay Communities, Inc., an equity REIT, has a long-term track record of developing, redeveloping, acquiring, and managing distinctive apartment homes in some of the best U.S. markets.

Lead Feature

With the September groundbreaking, It was nearly three years after purchasing a 1.86-acre parcel for $18.95 million, that the developers started construction on Avalon South Miami.

PROJECT BACKGROUND HIGHLIGHTS: The original owner, prior to AvalonBay’s acquisition, went through eight iterations of the project in response to community input and the desires of the city commission. The firm of Corwill Architects was brought in to address the developer’s and community’s needs in articulating the project. During the pandemic months, the City Commission conducted its business remotely via the ZOOM platform. Land use attorney Jeff Bass, who has represented the developer for some nine years in relation to this project noted that in all, there were a total of eight public hearings, beginning on May 14, 2019.

The public realm improvements include terraced setbacks which activate the street and crafting space to accommodate a pedestrian realm.

Architect Albert Cordoves noted that the design “brings the pedestrian realm experience to the next level, activating 80% of the perimeter at ground level.” The “H” design of the massing of the building also enhances the pedestrian experience; the design articulates and breaks up the massing of the building creating beautiful open amenity areas and visuals. Central to the experience is the urbanistic designed central courtyard on 73 Street with its landscape and Artscape. Connectivity and pedestrian realm are of paramount importance in the design. Town homes facing 74th Street also add to the pedestrian experience.

And the next six months? People have commented on how fast and minimally disruptive the construction has been. In discussing this with Mark Schrieber, he noted that given the extremely favorable weather conditions since starting construction, the project is about two week ahead of schedule. Cement truck deliveries are for the most part off-peak hours.

Trucks are pouring on both the west and east sides of the site. Schrieber expects the building will top off end of summer, and then provide a full year for interior finishes, with delivery by Fall of 2025.

THE FINISHED PRODUCT. The 10-story Avalon South Miami will comprise 290 apartments, ranging from studio to three-bedroom lease units. Residents will enjoy various on-site amenities, including a private dining room, fitness center, lounge, pet spa, and co-working space. Two-story town houses are situated along 74th Street.

The residential offerings are just one part of the mixed-use venture. The complex’s bottom floor will host a 27,000-square-foot Fresh Market grocery store. The remaining 4,000 square feet will provide for restaurant and retail space. With reimagined streetscapes and a shaded civic plaza, the project aims to create a dynamic live-work-play environment.

The AvalonBay Communities philosophy is simply stated: “We believe that elevating where you live is all about blending it seamlessly with how you live. We go to great lengths designing amenities and choosing locations that put everything within reach. Where you live, is where you come alive. In an area filled with convenience, recreation, and possibility,”

As noted, the local firm Corwil Architects designed the community, and First Florida is the general contractor. Of note, First Florida is a Miami-based company and had offices in the South Miami area for many years, was active in the south Miami Rotary Club, and you will find their name on a Dorn Avenue brick on our popular “hometown” demonstration project of the 1990x. – JohnEdward Smith

SOMI Magazine has published several articles about this redevelopment project. To read what’s been published, go to www.somimag. com Archives and search for Winn Dixie Redevelopment.

In and Around
Michelle Readon speaks at the dedication with Elder Josephine Anderson in attendance
Organizing Committee “United Survivors”: Dale Andrews, Gail Alexander, Dr. Anna Price, Michelle Readon, Annick Sternberg & Gray Read.
Gail Alexander, Kristi Sellers and Michelle Readon at an earlier community paint day.

The Unity Wall

A wall erected in the 1950s to segregate White and Black residents has taken on a different role. Renamed the “Unity Wall,” this vestige of the City’s separate but equal years will depict the history of South Miami’s traditionally Black neighborhood while celebrating a united city. The Unity Wall was officially dedicated on February 17 at the corner of SW 64th Street and SW 62nd Avenue with a program that included oral histories, reflections about South Miami’s divided past, and a little spontaneous singing to an audience of about 50 people. 

The Unity Wall project is sponsored by United Survivors, a group of South Miami women who through friendship found a way to bridge the City’s racial divides, both seen and unseen. United Survivors includes Michelle Readon, Gray Read, Anna Price, Dale Andree, Annick Sternberg and Gail Alexander Lead artist, Gail Alexander designed the layout for the murals that are currently being painted on the wall. Students, residents, and other interested parties have been volunteering to add large brightly colored tropical leaves along 64th Street, with more to come. Plans envision adding a mural of the 1960s-era business community that once dominated Church Street (SW 59th Place).

Nationally recognized Black artist Gene Tinnie joins organizer Gail Alexander.
Gail Alexander with Kiara Moss, t6, SMSrHS student and Track & Field medal winner

Speakers included Rev. Dr. Anna Price, the city’s first Black mayor, Michelle Philips Readon, Mildred Mitchell, Elder Josephine Anderson, Deborah Powell, President of South Miami Black Cultural Affairs, Gray Read, Associate Professor, FIU School of Architecture, and Gail Alexander. Other artists involved in the wall project include Docta Toontz, Walter Harris, Tony Butler, Bobby Gibson, Anthony Jackson, and Drew Khani. 

For additional reading please see: “How South Miami transformed a dividing wall from Jim Crow era into a unifying force” by Bea L. Hines.

In and Around
Rev. Dr. Anna Price with SMPD Chief Reo Hatfield
Mom and daughter enjoy a February morning painting the wall
Cathy Wanza with grandsons Malaki and Kyndall pictured in front of peaoock painted by Walter Harris
Arts in SOMI

THE WIRTZ GALLERY is named in honor of the Wirtz family patriarch Arthur M. Wirtz of Chicago. Wirtz made his fortune in real estate and liquor distribution; he created the business in 1922. The Wirtz Corp. also owns the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team and co-owns the United Center arena— where the Blackhawks and the Chicago Bulls play. When the gallery opened, it was reportedly the first bank in the United States to have a registered gallery within the institution.


Located in the lobby of UNITED COMMUNITY BANK (formerly First National Bank of South Miami), each month The Wirtz Gallery exhibits local and international artists.

Gallery hours are Monday – Thursday, 9a-4p; Friday, 9a-6p. Artist receptions are generally held on the second Friday of the month from 6-8p and are open to the public.

The bank is located at 5750 Sunset Drive, South Miami.

During the month of March the gallery showcases a Nature Photography Amateur Expo as presented by Arturo Fahrenkrog Verschueren, a visionary Chilean entrepreneur. 

His ability to capture moments, evoke emotions, and showcase unique perspectives provides a reference for Exploradores Aysen Conservationism in Patagonia, Chile, focused on a dedicated environmentalist and profound commitment to conservation efforts.

Emphasizing the technical skills, artistic flair, and family dedication to delivering stunning visuals for Nature Conservation and Rewilding. Overall, he inspires a new era of entrepreneurial thinking for a long term conservation. Fahrenkrog’s family commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing challenges on conservation marks him as a true trailblazer in the nature world for Chilean Patagonia.In April the Miami Watercolor Society presents its Spring 2024 Exhibition at the Wirtz Gallery as the group celebrates its 50th anniversary.The Miami Watercolor Society is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization whose membership consists of a broad spectrum of water media painters. The culturally diverse society informs and educates members and others in the community by providing workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions and classes. Our mission is to teach and promote watercolor painting.

Arts in SOMI

The mission of the exhibition at the Wirtz Gallery is to provide a point of view in relation to conservancy of the lands and waters on which all life depends.

In April the Miami Watercolor Society presents its Spring 2024 Exhibition at the Wirtz Gallery as the group celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The Miami Watercolor Society is a volunteerbased, non-profit organization whose membership consists of a broad spectrum of water media painters. The culturally diverse society informs and educates members and others in the community by providing workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions and classes. Our mission is to teach and promote watercolor painting.

Arts in SOMI
Community Feature
After his inauguration, the Governor addresses the Boys State delegates


On December 4, 2023, Boys State Governor Martin Seals addressed the South Miami City Commission.  Seals, a Columbus Ex;lorer senior was elected the 79th Governor of Florida Boys State.  Welcomed to the podium by Mayor Javier Fernandez, himself a Columbus alum (‘93), Seals spoke of his experiences while participating at Boys State.  

Founded in 1935, American Legion Boys State is among the most respected and selective educational programs of government instruction for U.S. high school students. A participatory program in which students become part of the operation of local, county, and state government.  South Miami Post 31 sponsored Christopher Columbus senior Martin Seals, then 17, at the 2023 Boys State held in Tallahassee

 from June 17 – 24.  In his remarks, Seals noted this “premier youth leadership program builds a mock state replica, forming a city, county, and state government. The result is a fully functional, nonpartisan state led by 500 rising seniors. The program’s motto is ‘learning by doing.’  So, students are both elected to a position and play the role of their position.”

The immersive weeklong experience expands the boys knowledge of the political process and leadership abilities in general.  Boys State complements the mock state with education on American government and Florida’s history.  Seals noted that the participants were given the opportunity to listen and interact with inspiring speakers: Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey, House of Representative Cabrera, and Florida’s Secretary of State, Cord Byrd.

Seals proudly states that “Boys State effectively and comprehensively educates and exposes us rising seniors to this unique world. Boys State is a diverse community of leaders. Whether you find networking success or just another friend, the program connects students from the panhandle to the Florida Keys. The participants of this program are some of the most successful boys in the state. I participate in Speech and Debate and many tournament winners happen to be Boys State alumni. They comprise JROTC members, sports team captains, valedictorians, and more. And we are all united under the Boys State maxim: God, Honor, and Country.”

Martin “Seals the Deal” and elected as Governor
Addressing the South Miami City Commission
Community Feature

friend, the program connects students from the panhandle to the Florida Keys. The participants of this program are some of the most successful boys in the state. I participate in Speech and Debate and many tournament winners happen to be Boys State alumni. They comprise JROTC members, sports team captains, valedictorians, and more. And we are all united under the Boys State maxim: God, Honor, and Country.”

Martin has several college acceptances after graduating Columbus and awaiting other offers.  His interests are political science and international affairs and will keep his options open for exploring elected office, a law degree, and the FBI. ADELANTE!

Pictured are: Vice Mayor Lisa Bonich, Comm. Brian Corey, American Legion Post 31 Commander Rudolph Zepeda, Jr., Martin and his mother, Dr. Carter Burrus from CCHS, Comm. Josh Liebman and City Manager Genaro “Chip” Iglesias.

THE UNDERLINE is Miami’s transformative 10-mile linear park, urban trail and public art destination. The Underline will open in phases through 2025.

PHASE ONE is called Brickell Backyard with great amenities for all to enjoy. This northern terminus extends ½ mile, is fully open and celebrated its 3rd anniversary this February. Congrats to all who have made this possible.PHASE TWO spans 2.3 miles from Coral Way to SW 19th Avenue, This expansion links the amenity-rich Brickell Backyard with the historic Roads, Shenandoah, and Silver Bluff neighborhoods in the City of Miami.

PHASE THREE is the remaining 7.36 miles from 19th Avenue to the Metrorail Dadeland South Station, and includes the City of Coral Gables, the University of Miami, the City of South Miami and unincorporated areas of Miami Dade County. A sign announcing the project detail and scope of work is installed at US1 and SW 80 Street at the municipal boundary of the City of South Miami. (Refer to DB#21 – DTPW-01)

The Underline Update

Design-Build services for the Project are required for approximately 7.36 miles of improvements running within or parallel to Miami-Dade County Metrorail’s Right-of-Way (ROW) and sometimes within adjacent municipality ROW ROW that includes separate paved off-street bicycle and pedestrian paths, two pedestrian/bicycle bridges over small waterways/canals, native landscaping, site furniture and equipment, way finding signage, pavement markings, intersection improvements, lighting, drainage, environmental remediation, WI-FI and security infrastructure, and reconfiguration of parking lots.

The total estimated fee for design-build services is $99,379,726 with an estimated completion date of September 16, 2025. To learn more about The Underline, go to: www.theunderline.org.

Your donations are most welcome and appreciated.


In the midst of life’s constant churn, finding a source of inner calm and peace can feel like a distant dream. But what if there was a simple, accessible practice designed to unlock the door to spiritual well-being? Enter el HappyBreath unique approach to spiritual breathing facilitated by Roberto Suarez, el Happy Coach.

More than just controlled inhalation and exhalation, el HappyBreath holistic journey  merges rhythmic breathing with visualization and affirmations. By consciously engaging your mind, body, and spirit, it aims to cultivate a deep sense of relaxation and spiritual connection.

Here’s how to embark on your el HappyBreath spiritual journey:

SOMI Wellness

1. Find Your Sanctuary: Choose a quiet, comfortable space where you can sit upright with your back straight. Close your eyes gently, taking a moment to settle into your surroundings.

2. Connect with Your Breath: Begin by taking a slow, deep inhale through your nose for a count of four. Feel your belly expand as you breathe in, visualizing a warm white light filling your body and heart with loving energy.

3. Hold and Embrace the Light: Hold your breath for a count of two, allowing the white light to permeate your being and wash away any negativity or tension.

4. Release and Renew: Exhale slowly through your mouth for a count of six, releasing any lingering tension or negativity like leaves falling from a tree. Imagine the negativity leaving your body with each exhale.

5. Repeat and Renew: Repeat steps 2-4 for several minutes, focusing on the rhythm of your breath and the silent affirmations you whisper with each inhale and exhale. These affirmations can be simple and personal, such as “I am calm,” “I am at peace,” or “I am happy and free.”

Remember, el HappyBreath is a journey, not a destination. Be patient with yourself, and don’t be discouraged if your mind wanders during practice. Simply bring your attention back to your breath and continue the cycle. With consistent practice, el HappyBreath can become a powerful tool for managing stress, improving sleep, and fostering a deeper connection to your inner spirit.

In the Next article we will cover Zen Breathing.

We visited a new woman’s shoe boutique as the first stop in our walkabout.  

It’s here we meet long-established retailer Justin Garcia, who recently opened his KOKO + Palenki on Sunset Drive.


Having successful retail stores in Cocowalk, Dadeland, Aventura, Merrick Park and Brickell City Center over the years, and moving into wholesale, selling to some fifty shoe stores in the USA, with clients like Nordstrom, Justin decided on one last store and that was to be on Sunset Drive,

What's New In Town
Justin Garcia

which was a fashion mecca back a few years.  His passion for working with the customer brought him to SoMi, and to a location he just wanted to have.Justin started in retail at age seventeen.  He cut his teeth in merchandising and selling men’s clothing.  He opened in Cocowalk in 1992.  He made the shift to women’s shoes and never looked back, doing a successful run at prestigious south Florida retail malls.  For over two decades, KOKO + Palenki has been at the forefront of the fashion industry, curating a unique blend of luxury and contemporary collections that cater to a discerning clientele’s diverse tastes and desires.

His move from retail to wholesale was simple economics.  Having control over design and fabrication, retail rents were getting exorbitant, and he was “tired of working for the landlord.”

His inventory is 70% KOKO + Palenki designed, and includes shoes, sandals, wedges, heels, and flats. Chocolat Blu is another line which is made in China, and Victoria’s Sneakers made in Spain since 1915.  Shoes are all leather creations, the lining, the upper and soles.  More padding in dress shoes for a more comfortable fit.  The price points range from Jelly’s ($79), with all shoes under $200, except for boots. KOKO + Palenki is open Monday to Saturday from 10a – 6p.

5829 Sunset Drive | 786.963.1036 | www.kokopalenki.com

Irene Berl with a tray of assorted sweet treats.

We make a stop a couple of doors down on Sunset to a new “sweet studio.”   

Greeting us is Irene Berl, who has recently opened DBaker here in our town center.


DBaker was founded by Venezuelan twin brothers Giancarlo and Christian Guevara. The twins are passionate about baking since they were kids, and later worked in a French pastry shop. Having moved to Miami, they developed their brand which was in demand at area farmers’ markets, eventually leading to establishing a location in Midtown Miami at 3501 N.E. Second Avenue.

The twins note: “Our gourmet cakes are made with real ingredients and are frosted with our famous Swiss Meringue Buttercream – a recipe passed down through generations.

With flavors that range from classic vanilla to exotic combinations, there’s a cake for everyone’s taste buds.”

The brothers offered fellow Venezuelan Irene Berl, the first opportunity to open a franchise. Irene, by profession is a pediatric dentist, earning her degree in Spain. With the onslaught of COVID, and with an interest in opening her own business, she welcomed the opportunity to be the first franchise, deciding on the location in December 2023. The “sweet studio” just opened on March 1st.

Already Irene can name some of the favorites which clients like, the Nutella, chocolate chip and guava churro.

There are cupcakes, macarons and cookies, Signature cakes and Designer cakes. Coffee and espresso are also served at the store. Specialty cakes can be ordered on line and delivered to the South Miami location.

Baked by twins, “every treat is baked with double the love and double the deliciousness!”

5809 Sunset Drive | 786.737.9449 |  www.dbakers.us

What's New In Town
Chefs Artan and Migena

Crossing across Sunset we find two familiar faces opening their new casual dining enterprise.


Art Gyros Mediterranean Fusion prepares Greek and Albanian food.  Artan Kapxhiu and wife Migena opened their popular Forno Italiano Pizzeria across on the east side of Sunset seven years ago.  They are now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner at Art Gyros, located at the United Community bank courtyard.

Open from 7a to 10p, customers will enjoy a complete breakfast, lunch and dinner menu which include Greek gyros, salads, main courses of lamb, turkey, beef and Albania specialties.  Homemade soups and desserts are also on the menu.

5750 Sunset Drive | 305.967.8643 | Order online through DoorDash

Albanian Meze (cornbread, prosciutto, feta and
lemon/olive mix.)

Rounding the corner at Sunset Drive and Red Road, we come upon PROESĒNS MEDSPA. 


Recently opened, Proesēns Medspa offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to enhance a client’s natural beauty, promote wellness, and boost confidence. From advanced skincare treatments like injectables (such as Botox and Dysport) to cutting-edge laser hair removal and vein vascular removal, Proesens Medspa provides the latest in non-invasive procedures to address a client’s aesthetic concerns.

In addition to their signature services, Proesens introduced a weight loss program, designed to support the client toward a healthier, happier lifestyle.  The expert team guides the client through personalized strategies and techniques to achieve wellness goals effectively and sustainably.

The luxurious spa invites you to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and rejuvenation.

7222 SW 57th Avenue | 786.650.0001 | www.proesensmedspa.com 

What's New In Town

Heading over to the Municipal Parking Garage – a new high energy juice bar has opened.

The Spruce Juice located on the street level of the garage facing 73rd Street offers a delightful menu of cold-pressed juices, acai bowls, shots, and smoothies.  Some of the “top on the list” suggestions are the Watermelon Refresh Juice, the Acai Berry Bowl, the Green Machine Smoothie, and the Spicy Ginger Shot.

5829 Southwest 73rd Street . Open seven days at 8:00a.

The Spruce Juice delivery in the South Miami area with Uber Eats.

Moving from the garage and pass the Avalon South Miami construction we’re heading to US 1, and the SoMi Center building.  (Read about the new development in the latest SOMIonline magazine,(www.somimag.com)

It’s here we enjoy a quick pan-Asian lunch at Sriracha House.

Sriracha House was founded in 2014 out of the love husband-and-wife owners Emilio Benzadon and Jessica Knopf share for Southeast Asian street food, They first opened the original location in South Beach along Washington Avenue. After a decade in business serving South Beach and, most recently, the Shoma Bazaar food hall in Doral, the fast-casual, pan-Asian eatery has opened its second brick-and-mortar location in South Miami along US 1 at 5966 South Dixie Hwy, Open daily from 11a to midnight.

Back on our main street there are two new businesses getting ready to open.

Mimas Home Decor is coming into 5805 Sunset Drive and Tiger Sugar tea house is opening across the street at 5828.

Mimas Home Décor enjoys a great reputation for enhancing the details of entertaining with their placemats and décor which elevates your at home celebrations.  Each piece is thoughtfully designed to make your decor memorable. Each element is a celebration of love and family with the true manifested in subtleties.

Tiger Sugar appreciates its humble beginnings in Taichung, Taiwan in 2017.  It has now grown into the “undisputed cult brand of Boba worldwide.”  Their Tiger Sugar drinks tell their unique story with the “tiger stripes” infused into all the drinks with unique hand-poured syrups. Tiger Sugar now joins two other “tea houses” on Sunset Drive just within a block of each other.  Time for a SOMI TEA PARTY!  

What's New In Town