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Chris Christie in the House

Community Newspapers’ Town Hall at CasaCuba

On Friday, August 18, the Miller brothers outdid themselves in hosting a memorable Café y Pastelitos CasaCuba early morning Community Newspapers gathering of community political and business leaders.

With a local and national media bank lined up along the bar, with tables full and a SRO crowd welcomed Republican presidential candidate, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

A resounding rendition of “God Bless America” and Grant Miller chanting “Viva Miami” and “Go Marlins,” South Miami Mayor Javier

 Fernandez welcomed the governor to SoMi.

In his remarks Christie discussed four issues: spending, education/literacy, crime, and America first policy.  He stressed the theme of Bigger, Better, Stronger, Freer.  Being in politics for many years, he realizes in running the country, consensus and compromise with the president leading
the way.  

An hour-long Q&A session followed and brought out the best of him – charisma, combative, politically incorrect.  Christie noted that Trump is “scared of me” for not planning on attending the upcoming debate.  He called Trump “a grifter,” and “an ugly, divisive, horrible figure.”  In acknowledging that he supported Trump in 2016, he closed by saying “But today I have the guts to stand here and say what
the truth is.”

Mayor Javier Fernandez
welcomes the candidate and
attendees to SoMi

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