Perhaps this season you’ll be drawn away from the usual blacks and greys and jump into a world of pretty pastel blues and yellows or even a look that’s all brown-everything. Spanning from garments to accessories this season we step aside from the usual dark and dreary wardrobe and step into a bright winter wonderland of fashion. Perhaps this guide will help you switch out your somber autumnal looks of seasons past and help bring on some joyous pastel hues.

If your usual fall attire feels, well, too dark for the season, then take solace in a lighter and brighter range of pastel hues. There’s no rule stating you cannot wear spring colors in the winter, leaving Designers to adopt this more traditional summery hues for the winter months by using it in pants suits, over coats, and cozy knit sweaters. Building a winter outfit around a pastel colored coat should be a fun and unexpected way to brighten up even the dreariest of days. If you’re feeling brave, tuck a chunky cable knit sweater into a leather mini skirt and accessories with big gold hoops and some killer boots. Popular styles have been seen in punchy pastel blue, soft Easter yellows, and dusty pinks.


There have been literal takes to 70’s fashion in previous seasons, but nothing will affect your personal style like a full brown ensemble. This season brown is the new black and the mash up of similar colors is a true wonder. Whether it’s a solid match or a mix-up of tonalities brown is definitely a color to embrace this season. A beautiful way to pair this colorway is in wide leg pant suits with simple beige knits or wool sweaters with rich gold accessories.

It’s no surprise the return of the turtle neck is back in full force, with cozy ribbed knits and warm plush angora and cashmere blends coming together in unison. The pairing of a comfy turtle neck pullover with a nice trouser or pleated skirt will be all the look you need when trying to effortlessly keep warm and stylish. This season though we did see a more light weight approach to heavy outerwear with the usage of ultralight or synthetic textiles.

Winter is one of the best seasons in my opinion aside from summer, but that’s another article all together. Winter is the only time of the year where excessive fashion is permissible because ‘HELLO, ITS WINTER!?” so dawn your coat and scarves, pull out your boots, and dive into layers of fun. Wishing you all a very happy holiday season and a prosperous new year. See you in 2019!


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