From the Publisher: Fall 2023

“John Edward” Smith
Creative Director & Publisher

FALLing into SoMi

‘Get ready for autumn colors….  With great expectation after a brutal summer heat we’re gearing up for the traditional six months of wonderful weather through mid-May.  And we’re going to have great music to go along with the wonderful pleasant South Florida seasonal climate.  Welcome a transformative development of a cultural collaboration with the Frost School of Music and the City of South Miami as our Fall edition lead feature.

I’m so pleased to finally have our online edition up and in the intended interactive website experience.  It’s been a long time coming, and thank you, our readers, for your patience over the past three editions.  (And we’ll look to work out the kinks before we publish the start of Volume XIX come December.)

The Winn-Dixie site has now been cleared as detailed construction documents are reviewed and approved.  Welcomed resurgence in our town 


center is noted by area businesses, residents, and community leaders.  Next up is Sunset Place.  Direct discussions are being held between the city leaders and the developer.  I anticipate that within the next three months we should see proposed drawings, and then public hearings, negotiations, and approvals by the city commission.  From my conversations, all parties are eager to sit down and get it done.

Congratulations to the Sunset Place based Area Stage Company, now going by the single moniker AREA, on their recent highly acclaimed Little Mermaids adaptation, and read about their equally creative rendition of The Addams Family on page 81.

Meet our new business owners as I take a walk around town.  Follow me along and welcome them to SOMI.  Follow our What’s New in Town feature on page 82.

As a dedicated commuter cyclist and an “early believer” in The Underline, it’s great to have the Ground-Breaking event for seven-mile Phase 3 (that’s our one-mile in South Miami!) this month.  It is such a transformative project for Miami and all the communities along the ten-mile route.  Support The Underline.

All the best and be safe cycling out there!


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