Danielle and Chris Merzatta

Danielle and Chris Merzatta are business partners and partners in life who create unique jewelry with designs inspired by natural textures. Both were art students at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan who ended up working on a project in the Grenadines. While there, they found shapes and textures along the beach that would be the impetus for the future jewelry brand, MERZATTA. They write that theirs is a “relationship-driven company presenting exceptional American studio jewelry.”

What they create in the studio reflects their talents and their world view. They use sustainable practices by carefully sourcing metals and stones. Their corporate philosophy includes a genuine concern for the health of the planet and its people. The designs are cast in bronze, silver or gold in organic textures that capture the patterns of a sea fan, pinecone or palm tree, among other inspirations collected during their travels. The vendors they use are carefully considered for the quality of their products and company work ethic. MERZATTA supports Ethical Metalsmiths an activist organization of jewelers that promotes responsible mining and economic development and ethical sourcing of materials

“Our jewelry is intimate. If you see a piece you like and it reflects who you are, you should take it home,” said Danielle.

Danielle and Chris experienced financial difficulty due to the economic downtown of 2009 and realized that they had to find a new way to earn a living.  They combined their artistic talents and began creating jewelry that would launch them into a career together.  With talent, innovation, and hard work they successfully built the business over seven years.  They have been sufficiently prosperous, allowing them to build a home in New Jersey and bring a daughter into the world.

At this year’s South Miami Rotary Arts Festival MERZATTA won “Best in Show.” The very popular event is one of eight art festivals Danielle or Chris participate in annually. In addition to show sales, MERZATTA designs are available online as ready-made or commissioned pieces.

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