After a summer deeply rooted in 1990s minimalism, the next wave of trends includes some exposed shoulders, corseted waists, velvets, furs, and a Victorian feel that is gaining much-merited fashion notoriety. It’s looking like fall will be a daring exploration into the archives of fashion, so get ready to stand out and rock some explosive silhouettes this season.

With Victorian detailing beginning to make waves in the fashion scene, we see a change of perspectives as the broadening of century-styled clothing making a comeback with more modern twists. The 21st century Renaissance woman takes the classic mold and makes it more body conscious. Since Gucci’s rebirth has brought to light brighter colors and combinations of materials like velvet and embroidery, it only seems fitting that other well-recognized design houses follow suit.



With its expressive texture – soft to the touch and visually appealing – the slight shimmer cast by velvet hides its ability to keep you warm against the elements. A textile that beautifully presents itself on the runway, we saw many intriguing designs, from prints to embroideries to the simplest cuts of fabrics married along with its scrumptious appeal. It’s no wonder social events are made all the richer when velvet creations are used to showcase your body. It is the combination of velvet and lace that caught our eye at DKNY, however, with a whole lot of layers, as is the main trend this year. There is so much velvet seen throughout that we can easily dub it the material of the year!

Chanel gave us chic fluttering organza and some bare skin, all while staying true to the feminine figure as its tribute to more field-sport-oriented outfits paraded the runway. Ensuring the use of corsets and over-sized sleeves, Lanvin brings in a few different styles and creates a Renaissance look of its own. Bringing the focus up to the indentations and strength of the neck, Victoria Beckham played with ethereal styling and creations to show off parts of the body by opening up the shoulders and sending over two thin strips on one side, tucking in body hugging material for a more defined silhouette.



Whether we see bits of fur here and there or lots of it throughout the collections, there is no denying that fur is taking over the fall 2016 fashion trends, and honestly, the best part about the fur was the colorful nature of it all. From its shrimp effect to candy-colored shades, both on real and faux versions, it was a mash-up of colors and textures.

There is a sense of refined elegance and yet an edgy appeal to the fall collections we’ve just discussed, a mix of textures and fabrics married to clean lines and flawless execution. We find that many designers are staying away from fashion norms and are beginning to push the fashion envelope in ways we’ve never seen before. The classic styles of yesteryear have become the catalyst for new and evolving silhouettes of today. Like they say, a classic never dies, but who’s to say this seasons new style won’t become
the next staple classic?


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