Spring into SOMI!  

Changes in nature are always dramatic although oftentimes subtle; in South Florida we begin to see lush colors emerging as we enjoy our seasonal changes.  At my home, butterflies are taking flight and the wildflowers are just doing what they do – being abundantly wild!   Spring is the season of dramatic change and creates a renewed sense of awareness and appreciation of our surroundings.  

Spring is also a great time for cycling in South Florida.  As part of our multi-modality life style, there are some great cycling initiatives happening: The Underline, the development of a ten mile linear park under the Metrorail; The Ludlam Trail, a rails-to-trails project on the abandoned FEC Corridor and BIKE 305.  The latter is a collaboration of Miami-Dade County municipalities, the county’s transportation, public works and parks departments and cycling groups and businesses – all who encourage healthy lifestyles and transportation alternatives through bike-friendly events that connect bikeways, trails and greenways, as well as programs that teach safe-cycling skills to children and adults.  Check them out:

The revised plans for the redevelopment of The Shops at Sunset Place are expected to be presented to the South Miami City Commission shortly, in a couple of months. As the national climate for retail establishments has demonstrably changed over the last couple of years since the property was acquired, I’m certain we’ll see a more measured approach to retail shops at Sunset Place and rather focus on the entertainment components; however, that’s just my speculation.  I would like to think that the hotel and apartment units would be still a must do, which will contribute mightily to the economic well-being of our entire business community.

Our thanks to County Commission Xavier Suarez for finalizing the landscaped median and pedestrian crosswalk at Red Road and 73 and 74 Streets.  This has been a keen need recognized for some time, and I’d like to acknowledge property owner Brandon Lurie for his tenacity in seeing this project through.  (And I won’t have to call it out in the magazine every year anymore.) 

In closing, welcome to our new businesses which have recently opened in town. We have a new “food hall” concept at Sunset Place, and a French winery has opened an exceptional wine bar and boutique along Sunset Drive.  Read more about these businesses and others in our What’s New in Town feature, found on page 36.

Please let us know what you think about your SOMI experience and how it can always be improved.  And I welcome you to do that, thanks.

Enjoy the spring, and spring into SOMI.  It’s SHOP SMALL IN SOMI all year ‘round – support your locally owned businesses.






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