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This is the last issue of Volume XIV, and as we prepare for some change-ups as we start our fifteenth year, I thought a retrospective of where we’ve been would be appreciated by the many who regularly follow SOMI Magazine.

Every five years, we do some creative and editorial change-ups.  It’s not “change for the sake of change” but an anticipated evolution of the magazine – we like to keep it fresh!  The five year observances bring about new energy and reflect the feedback we get from our readership and advertising partners.   So kick back, pour yourself a chilled white wine or summertime cocktail and pour through the latest issue of SOMI Magazine.  

And change is certainly in the air in South Miami.  The proposed redevelopment of Sunset Place was approved by the City Commission, as noted in our last issue.  Now the task at hand is to develop the detailed architectural and engineering drawings and submit those for approval.  It will clearly be a while until the actual redevelopment project will start.  However, it will start with the interior retail spaces and exterior facade before even venturing into the extensive demotion of the north side (US1) and construction of the hotel and residential towers.  Regular updates will be reported in SOMI Magazine.  

Another development under review is the Winn-Dixie site.  Market-rate apartments, new street level retail space, a new Winn-Dixie and a town plaza are in the mix.  This project has been envisioned and considered over the past few years.  It’s now being finalized.  Once this project is approved, there will be additional reasons to believe that things will pick up in our shopping and dining district as they’ll bring people on the street.

It’s no secret that mom and pop businesses are struggling throughout the United States, we too have seen our share of this problem here in town.  Yet many of the shuttered businesses are finding new life as other entrepreneurs are planning on SOMI as their destination.  See our What’s New in Town feature on pages 32 & 33.  And most importantly, SHOP SMALL IN SOMI all year round.

In this issue’s Business Milestone feature, we visit the creative forces behind the popular Area Stage Company.  They’ve been providing the Miami-Dade community with great programming and conservatory programs for the last thirty years.  Congratulations!

The Underline is the ambitious project to transform the ten miles of fallow land under the Metrorail from Dadeland to downtown Miami into an urban park and trail. SOMI Magazine is the sole media sponsor of this endeavor, and provides regular updates from Meg Daly, President of the Friends of the Underline.  See page 34 for this issue’s report. 

This is the last installment of SOMI Magazine’s fourteenth year. I invite you to “Be Part of the Conversation” and weigh-in with your comment, which are always welcome and much appreciated.

‘Catch up with you as we begin with an excitingly new Volume XV come later this fall for our first Winter/Holiday edition.  

Until then, don’t let the dog days of summer get to you.  Stay hydrated and enjoy the rest of your summer.  Let’s get ready to greet a change in the weather come mid-October.





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