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While you’ll always see me on my bike as I’m a commuter cyclist, the Fall is such a wonderful time to get out in the morning air for a refreshing way to start your day.  And cycling is in the news: The Underline opens its first phase destination with “Brickell Backyard”  – ten more miles to go with this awesome so-Miami transformational project; and building the Ludlam Trail is poised to begin in earnest with extensive planning undertaken.  See page 21 for more information on the Ludlam Trail.

Like perhaps many of you, I initially thought we’d be in a better place today with the pandemic.  Sadly, we have months to go with the “new reality” of daily uncertainty.   I was imagining  a robust start to our Volume XVI after  we suspended print magazines for Summer and Fall.   Well, it is not a robust start, however the reading is great.  And visit our local businesses while you’re at it.

Another causality of COVID-19 is Sunset Place.  The principal owners, Federal Realty Investment Trust defaulted on the mortgage.  The property is in the hands of the bank and will be up for sale, so we’re into another year and a half, before we can begin to imagine what might be happening there.  On the upside, the new owner would have the development rights for the building of an hotel and two high-rise apartment buildings.

Seventy-third street will be taking on a whole new look (and LIFE!) as the plans for the redevelopment of the Winn Dixie site were unanimously approved by the City of South Miami Commission.  Read more about the plans on page 15. 

I wish you and your families all the best during these most difficult and dire times.

Be safe, stay healthy, and stay sane!.


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