SOMI Magazine starts it’s seventeenth year with this winter edition.  And with it comes a refreshing height of some degree of increased “normalcy.” How many millions lined Fifth Avenue in New York City to greet the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?  Spectator stands at major sporting events are attracting crowds – a sense of resiliency punctuates our daily lives.

And in our hometown, the 38th Santa’s Parade of the Elves ushers in the holiday spirit here in South Miami on the first Sunday in December. In February the South Miami Rotary Club will be presenting its 37th annual Arts Festival on Sunset Drive, a much appreciative event which draws thousands to our hometown.  New restaurants are opening throughout town and other retail and service businesses are popping up in formerly vacated spaces. We are rebounding – read about our new businesses in a section we’re now calling : “SOMI: New Places & New Faces.”

In this 17th year the magazine is making some graphic design modifications – I hope you like them! We continue with our  “Community Feature” calling out a Miami community resource in each issue.
For this edition, it’s the Dade Heritage Trust which is observing its Fiftieth Anniversary. The headquarters of the Trust is located nestled among Brickell office towers. You’ll enjoy an informative visit to the DHT. 
As venues are beginning to attract more attendees, we are reintroducing our “Arts in SOMI” feature, highlighting a couple of venues you’d enjoy visiting.  And we brought back the “What’s Happening In & Around Town” with a few upcoming evens posted for you to explore.  We’re introducing a new feature, “SOMI Business Profile” to give you an inside look into businesses which have been in town for many years and facing the future with the younger generation in the lead.

To help celebrate some special days during this festive winter season, in the magazine you’ll find Festive Holiday Mocktails to enjoy.

As we approach 2022, may I wish you and your family a very blessed and healthy new year, and may we continue to be safe and support our neighbors.

All the best!


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