With the beautiful summer days beginning to shorten, the approach of winter is upon us.  That time of year where the leaves turn, and the autumn splendor cascades from the trees above in an array of reds, oranges, and vibrant yellows. The mossy greens turn a shade of brown, and blue skies give way to the ashy grays of thunderous rain clouds. Although the Fall color palette tends to dull out, this is one season that has color splashed all over it. Straight from the runways of Milan, this Fall 2014/2015 is re-vamped with modern splashes of colors, prints and textiles.

The Fall-Winter 2014/2015 collections saw the great return of an old favorite: the trouser suit. Whether experimental, classic, feminine or androgynous, this very ‘80s favorite has made it back on the runways and in a very BIG way. Though the collections’ silhouettes were inspired mainly by the ‘60s and ‘70s, there was a definite look toward the Madonna years in staples such as the trouser suit. Shapes took an altogether more top-heavy feel, with oversize coats, capes and billowing furs. Slumped shoulders with an exaggerated roundness are constructed on coats, capes and dresses as well as jackets and tunics. To contrast the heavy feel, leggings, tights and delicate footwear completed many looks.

The undisputed protagonist of color in this season’s collection is red — red like passion, red like fire, red like blood. The color sums up so many different states of mind. Applied across collections, this primary and primordial color is seen on furs, lace, silks and accessories everywhere. Sensual, feminine, iconic: red has won the accolade for womanliest color for decades, and in 2014 it is the color of choice. Women everywhere take heed: Red is the new Black.

Tom Ford never fails to deliver a collection that is of the utmost elegance.  The collection reflected the quintessential Tom Ford Woman.  Clean lines, impeccable tailoring and a bold-faced attitude, this collection is for a woman who is beyond the fixed stereotypes of delicate and flirty silhouettes.
A bold collection with a message that speaks louder than any other seen this season, Tom Ford continues to deliver success! Sleek trouser suits, oversized fur coats, mod style dresses, simple separates and exotic skins, the line is a unique collection focused on fit and textile. For masters of statement and simplicity, this is one collection you cannot miss.

Prada, one of my all-time favorite design firms, has come to prove that they are the true relentless creative. Unlike all the other brands, the Italian giant speaks truly to the artistically inclined. From first glimpse, you might not get the essence of the collection, but the more you take notice, the deeper you fall for it. This elaborate and unique collection combines rich textures, colors and styles; chunky accessories and statement designs. Drawing its attention to the tenderest parts of a woman’s body, Prada featured a very engaging collection littered with fur jackets, atlas dresses, printed coats, and elegant shoes. Saturated as it is with intricacies and wearability, it is no wonder Prada is considered the brand with the artistic touch.

Versace, a house synonymous with the word “statement” has become notably recognized by its opulence in print and design. The house presented a fabulous collection showcasing its ability to marry drama and wearability.  Color and texture were the main focus on this season’s collection, each item possessing that “Donatella” flair. A slew of variations were seen on the cat walk, from tailored pantsuits and jackets to relaxed-fit dresses and coats. Leather and fur are always Versace staples, as are heavy chains and the ever-present Medusa. We have no shame in stating that “sexiness” is Versace’s forte – even their take on winter wear reeks of it.

A display of bold colors and sleek styling, this winter season is
full of dramatic flair and unexpected eccentricity. This season’s wears pay homage to styles of decades past, but the ever-evolving fashion world keeps reinventing the fashion wheel to serve up fresh takes on classic styles.


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