Fashion as we know it is a proverbial spin cycle of styles, looks, and seasonal trends; we have come to see a transcendental flow of decades-old fashions incorporated with modern day appeal and still continually find ourselves asking the same question… “Are we up to date with fashion?”  For the most part fashion is what you make of it and how you feel when wearing it. Working our way around the skeletal structure of this season’s main trends, we take a stab at this New Year with accessories that will have everyone going GAGA …

Dolce & Gabbana

Coming from an overly saturated return to 90s grunge, we find that the world of fashion can still embrace the opulence it has always expressed.  The clothing seen on the runway will always be stunning, the makeup flawless, and the shoes on point. Yet taking a deeper look into what makes that “flawless” look complete is where we find ourselves this season. Clothing itself will always play the integral part it always has, except now we find that the main focus is on accessorizing the look as uniquely as possible.

Dolce & Gabbana

Face it: anyone can wear a designer frock or a look pulled straight from the pages of a glossy magazine, but it’s the accessories that make each look different and distinct to its wearer. Recent observations show that reissues of vintage eyewear have become a big trend with current collections. The juxtaposition of minimal silhouettes with gaudy statement frames are all the rage and will always be a conversation piece at any garden party or spring social gathering. Following what has become a more versatile trend, earrings made quite the statement and came in every size and shape your heart desires, from the classic, minimal look of studded ear clips paired with vibrant linear patterns at Versace, to the almost estate-like feel of oversized chandelier earrings we have come to admire from the Dolce & Gabbana goddesses for the past couple of seasons. Whether close to the lobe or dropping down to the shoulders, statement earrings dazzled above and beyond.

A very chic take on statement necklaces were noted to have been made with the marriage of oversized chain links, some paired with large charms or an array of charms. Designers took to classic styles of pairing and layering to make the effect more home-grown, with classic Cuban link styles seen at Givenchy and Moschino. The gaudiness of ‘80s style will always shine through in any heavy gold piece with pops of colors and large stones; amulets, charms, and religious deities will always prevail when worn.

The layering of estate rings, whether minimal or flaunty, has become all the rage as have statement rings, coined by Gucci’s new creative director a couple of seasons ago and continuing to grow in popularity. The lovely look of heirloom-style rings piled on multiple fingers gives its wearer a far more relaxed bohemian feel while still stirring the style pot. Large diamond-encrusted pieces were seen stacked on various red carpet events, as well as runways and on street-style blogs.

One look that never goes out of style is the one you create your own. Homegrown style is where trends are born, the pairing of uniqueness from the depths of your jewelry box will always make that designer garment more yours than of the brand it’s from. Dare to dream and never restrict yourselves from wearing what makes you feel like the top fashionista in your circle.


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