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For Over Thirty Years Mariner’s Offers a Vast Array of Fresh Seafood

The shiny, succulent stone crab claws almost cry out to be tasted at Mariner’s Seafood, seen readily through the perfectly polished glass.

Manager Kerry Loesch, who has had over 50 years of experience in the seafood business, eagerly selects a pound’s worth of claws for a customer, as he offers to crack them. With a shy smile, Loesch is proud of the varied selection at Mariner’s which includes Scottish salmon, bronzino, and Alaskan cod.

Loesch is helpful as well as knowledgeable as he cheerfully offers background on some of the selections. For instance, the Scottish salmon is farm raised using no antibiotics in pens located in the sea off  the Faroe Islands in their most natural environment. The bronzino is a mild fish which has one of the “least fishy” tastes around. The wild Alaskan salmon has more omega oil, a healthful nutrient, than many other types of salmon available today, and has a stronger taste.

Like the salmon and the cod, the bronzino which is originally from Spain, are flown into Mariner’s every other day. For local delicacies, Mariner’s uses its own vessels to fish yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, dolphin, wahoo, black grouper, and snowy grouper to list just few of their diverse offerings.

Bob Miller, a long time loyal customer, has memories of Mariner’s dating back to the Jimmy Carter administration. As Miller recalls, he ran a contracting business which suffered under the wake of interest rate hikes. One of his former employees used his generous severance to fulfill a dream, becoming Mariner’s first owner.

The current owners, Geoff and Shantae Sandow have continued the South Miami tradition of providing the community with fresh, delicious seafood.

Mariner Seafood owner Geoff Sandow with a pair of colossal claws.

What are the most popular products at Mariner’s? According to Loesch, that would be yellowtail snapper, salmon, and of course, the South Florida favorite, stone crabs. In season since October 15, Mariner’s braces itself for the high demand particularly over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Seafood lovers who value freshness will be pleased to note that Mariner’s catches its stone crabs as well as lobster using their own traps.

Caught Fresh Daily, From Our Boats to You. Mariner Seafood is located at 7304 Red Road and is open seven days a week. Call 305.667.4141 to place your order.


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