Hearing from you: Town Center Favorites



Momma Mia Meatballs
Sergio P., Coral Gables
A real treat at the new Italisn restaurant in town are their meatball specialty which I understand is a family recipe from nonna (grandmother) in Verona.  I’ve enjoyed them with a glass of Super Tuscan wine for a late afternoon after work treat.
Verace Cucina Italiana | 7301 SW 57 Court | 305.740.8118

Avocado Toast at its best
Maria D., High Pines
When it comes to avocado toast, in my opinion, no place serves up a better dish than at Cecile’s on Sunset Drive.  I’ve tried many different cafes throughout the area, and by far this is the best. And it is served was a fresh crisp salad. A wonderful meal.
Cecile Bakery + Café |  5744 Sunset Drive  |  305.397.8206

Hearing From You

I thoroughly enjoyed the recent art festival which was held on Sunset Drive.  I’ve attended over the years, so I noticed the new name “SOMI ART FEST” and the upbeat marketing and promotional signage throughout.  A highlight is always sitting to enjoy some great “festival food” and listening to the live entertainment.
Jorge B., South Miami

How about writing an article about the construction at the Winn-Dixie site starting as early as 3:30 am somedays, 5:30 am on a Saturday in a residential area?   This is in violation of city codes, and must be granted unreasonable and frequent exemptions by the city management.
Shelia D., South Miami

‘Great to see the Porsche show coming back to South Miami.  I enjoyed the first few years when the Das Renn Treffen was held on Sunset Drive and the surrounding streets, and has missed it in the past couple of years.  The Sunset Place venue was awesome; it certainly made that dead space come alive! 
Arlene D, South Miami


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