See you at “The Square.”
In a space known for bringing family and community together, the Grove Bay Hospitality team introduces Public Square, an expansive modern restaurant that has seating for 170 including 30 seats at the bar and blends contemporary decor with the comforts of home.   

Public Square embodies the energy of that area which has been a long-time gathering spot for the neighborhood and community. Many will remember Marshall Majors, Jakes and for the last decade Shula’s 347 Grill.

The menu highlights fresh American fare contemporary American fare with familiar dishes and grilled signatures.  The menu is paired with a robust West coast wine list. Public Square’s modern dining room redefines casual elegance and evokes the feeling of having dinner in someone’s chic, yet cozy, living room. 

“This was actually our first restaurant space over a decade ago and where Grove Bay Hospitality Group began,” noted Francesco Balli, CEO & Co-Founder of Grove Bay. “Creating Public Square iis a culmination of our team’s hard work and passion and brings it full circle for our boutique homegrown restaurant group.”

Public Square is located at 6915 Red Road in the former Shula’s 347 space.
The restaurant will open for dinner only with Sunday Brunch to follow.  Telephone: 305.665.9661. Website: https://www.publicsquarerestaurant.com

Bienvenue à SOMI
From southwest France vineyards to pizza, chicken and waffles in Miami. 

New SOMI restaurateurs Dominique & Aurelie Bartschies acquired La Pizza and Sunset Yard over a year ago, however with COVID-19 international travel restrictions in place, they were recently finally able to come to Miami.  The couple had sold their four generation’s fifteen acres of vineyards and holdings in Aquitaine Gironde to forge a new life in Miami with their teenage boys, dog and cat. 

They acquired the popular La Pizza with its expansive courtyard garden seating and attractive family-friendly interior dining area.   A new concept “Chickn’ConeTM will be coming shortly and yet another concept will be developed for the site as well.  To prepare them for their new venture, in August the couple studied at L’Ecole Francois d’pizza, a renowned culinary school.  La Pizza’s recipes will remain the same as with former operator Julian Mus who started LaPizza. 


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