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Ari and Sam Karl

Looking for variety as well as intensity? Brothers Ari and Sam Karl, aim to provide a unique fitness experience which combines just that. Ari, who graduated from the University of Miami Law School, and Sam, who graduated from the University of Wisconsin, are certified trainers.

Located where Carrabbas and Outback used to be, Kamps Fitness is the third outlet for the brothers, as their two other locations are in Tucson, Arizona, and Madison, Wisconsin. Gulliver graduates, the brothers opened their third Kampfits in their hometown to offer clients a total experience that goes beyond fitness. The welcoming reception area with its sleek design and spacious bleachers encourages guests, creating more than a workout, and more like a community.

Kamps has a smoothie bar, serves cold brew, and features other amenities such as lockers and showers. With classes beginning at 6 am, the Karls, guarantee fitness enthusiasts will not find that one class is identical to the other because at Kamps, a completely different workout is one of its objectives. The Karls give trainers the flexibility to develop their own so clients will never complete the same routine twice. This way clients can exercise a different part of the body every day. As Sam Karl puts it, for a way more, “efficient and effective” experience in just 50 minutes.

Aside from dumbells, kettlebells, and TRX, Kamps is the only group fitness business in South Florida to offer a special treadmill which provides a sled mode, a 25% incline—average incline is 15%, and a 16-mile per hour speed.

The Karls have engaged with the community by offering student discounts of 20%, buy-one-get-one free classes, private classes, and event hosting. They have already met with a series of local organizations including the University of Miami dance team, as well as some sororities.

Environmentally conscious, the Karl brothers have partnered with Just Water, a bottled water brand which uses biodegradable packaging.

5829 SW 73 St Ste. 5A,  |  305.495.3203  | 

If you ever thought of having a monument to yourself, your family, pets or whomever, now is your chance.  Opened in mid-September at the ground level at Sunset Place opposite the grotto staircase is Peekolos.  It is here that the science of Photogrammetry and 3-D imaging, which defines the locations of the object points’ images on  an electronic imaging device, can make your monument.  The process begins….  Into the picture comes Mariana Goncalves, a former teacher and resident of Pinecrest for some twenty years, who has her new venture of creating miniatures.  The name “Peekolos” is Mariana’s derivation from the Italian “piccolo” for small.  In the Peekolos bubble are 64 cameras covering  every angle of the subject simultaneously.  From there a 3-D printer outputs as many as 1000 layers of a porcelain sandstone material to create the real you in miniature.

Peekolos is open M-S 11-8, Sun 11-5.
Sunset Place Ground Level | 305.458.4651


1515 Sunset Drive Office Building

Driving through on Sunset Drive, passersby over the past four years have observed this architectural masterpiece come to life.  The detail of this oppulent French design leaves nothing to the imagination – it’s all there.  SOMI Magazine will be taking a tour of 1515 Sunset with the architect and design team and reporting back in our next issue.  And we’ll come to also meet Michelin chef Fabio Trabocchi and wife Maria who have brought the marvelous Fiola Ristorate to the area.  Benvenuti a “SOMI”!



CONGRATULATIONS to Edgar Meurrens and son Geoffrey on the thirty-five years they have served their clientele from the elegant SOUTH MIAMI JEWELERS store on Red Road.  The family store is a full service jewelry business that does everything from repairs to custom designing that meets all their clients’ needs.  For these 35 years, clients always appreciate the excellent customer service and quality items.

LOOKING FOR A GOOD STICK On both sides of town the two cigar stores have changes.  In Coral Gables, CIGAR CELLAR’S Alex Broche was just approved for a beer and wine license (that’s taken about a year and a half).  And he’s built a new humidor and installing lockers and enclosed seating for “club members.”   And on the west side of town, in the historic Dorn Avenue Buildings there’s been a cigar store on the corner for probably twenty years. The new establishment is called CORAL CIGAR & WINE.  Producers from the Dominican Republic are involved in the acquisition and development of this new location.

LA PIZZA’S Julian Mus came up with the grand plan to convert his parking spaces into a gardened outdoor terrace with banquet seating at study wood tables and canopy of trees and umbrellas. It’s drawing quite a bit of attention. Open in the evenings. 

South Miami Mayor Philip Stoddard did the honors together with the owner’s family and good friend Mr. Mark Richman.  Mr. Rajiv Pandey is CEO of the Kanti Hospitality Group, creators of PUB 52. 

Following the success of the prior locations in Wynwood, Miami Beach and Tampa. BOHO HUNTER just opened on 57 Court off of Sunset Drive.  They are known for their exclusive curated Latin brands that you can only find in Boho Hunter.  GROVE BAY HOSPITALITY GROUP is opening ROOT & BONE with Chefs Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth in the former American Harvest location on US1. Expected to open in mid-December, it will be a full service dining experience featuring a full bar and is serving up supper and brunch to locals.  Craig Erikson opened his newest spot called GRINGO’S OYSTER BAR in the former George’s on Sunset location and is already getting great reviews. Congratulations to Chef Carlos Montenegro and Leila Eck who acquired WHISK from the dynamic brother/sister duo Kristin and Brendan Conner.  And check out MAC FASHION LOUNGE at the ground level in Sunset Place, where you’ll find 20 separate boutiques and art galleries too.


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