There comes a time…. For the past seventeen years I’ve had the great pleasure of bringing you a print magazine for you to flip through and read at your leisure. More so than any other area publication, SOMI was geared to more editorial content and that is what our readers appreciate. Covid impacts, cuts in advertising, supply chain issues and increased production costs have contributed to the decision to discontinue print production of SOMI magazine and move to a vibrant online edition starting our 18th year, expanding on our present format.

However, I totally agree with the sentiment that there is something unbelievably indulgent about the tangible quality of a print magazine and flicking through its creatively crafted pages is a highlight. Thank you to those who have shared that with me….

Now getting to some of the great content in this issue… South Miami’s iconic bar has been reborn: Fox’s Lounge at its same original location and with its characteristic décor (see p. 22). Speaking of return, restaurateur Maurizio Farinelli has now opened his latest establishment, Mosaico, reflecting on his forty-year culinary journey. It is at the same location where for years he owned Pizzeria Blu. Please see our welcome back tribute on pages 18 & 19. The Winn Dixie redevelopment plan is steadily moving forward after more than six months of Covid related delays and increased construction costs projections. The project is being managed by a new development partner. See the feature article beginning on page 23.

In this issue, we again highlight the Colombia Sculpture Garden. Our quiet enclave of South Miami is moving to a wider world, one that is international, collaborative, and bursting with aesthetic, educational, and cultural initiatives. The spotlight will shine on the City of Pleasant Living. In fact, it just became a lot more pleasant.

In our New Faces & New Places you’ll get to meet two individuals who bring their creative talents to South Miami. See pages 30 & 31 for their introduction. And also get to welcome our new businesses which are featured on pages 32 & 33. We recognize the Sports Grill team for their milestone thirty-five years in business and for their steadfast support of the community. You can read about them starting on page 30.

In moving forward with SOMI online, our informed content will be there and we’ll play with creative ways of getting your attention. The SOMI Shopping & Dining Guide will continue in print as well as online. The Guide has been a useful tool over the years to highlight and showcase our local retail business and restaurants.

And last, and certainly not least, I’d like to acknowledge our advertising partners and friends who have supported the development of SOMI magazine over these years. Your participation has been much appreciated and has allowed SOMI to stand apart. Thank you.

All the best as we enjoy a change in the fall air.


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