Beauty is measured and valued in Miami, but our blaring sun, humidity and summer afternoons on the beach take a heavy toll on our skin. Thankfully, South Miami spas have an array of cures and treatments to help you look your best. Gone are the days of simple massages and quick cleansing facials. Now spas are providing skin rejuvenation with blood, liposuction without the needles – yes, you read that correctly – and ways to make you look like you’ve had a facelift. Best of all, you can get these done and bounce back with no surgery and no down time.  For men trying to impress and look their best, a range of customized treatments fit even the non-metrosexual.  So let’s break your options down and show you how you can take years off, literally. 

One service offered locally is the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment,. Otherwise known as the “vampire treatment,” your own blood is drawn then processed to separate the plasma and platelets, which are then applied on to your skin via tiny injections. At both Vida Day Spa and Wellness Center and Spa Fiftyseven, the treatment is overseen by a doctor. In order for this procedure to be effective you must have a high platelet count and will have to have a blood test done before hand. The treatment causes new cells to develop, promoting skin rejuvenation. If you’ve been considering a facelift but have been afraid of the needles and surgery, this might be a good alternative. While noticeable results can vary between each patient depending their skin type and lifestyle, there is no down time, and you see results right after the first session as well as gradually up to two months later. You may, however, experience some swelling right after treatment;  about four sessions are recommended.

For other areas you want to work on without surgery, look to these spas for your answer. At Armin Salon and Spa, you can have a body-slimming procedure that’s like a liposuction but using ultrasound and heat. No cuts and no surgeries are needed. The procedure breaks down fat cells, melting away anywhere from a half an inch to about two inches , depending on how hard the fat is and how much fat needs to be broken down. That will also determine how many sessions you need. There are no side effects, and Armin’s esthetician and manager Janilla Khavari will also work with you on a healthy eating regimen  to produce results faster. This procedure can also be combined with their body sculpting, or Transion service. The procedure gets rid of fat, sugar and excess water, and tightens muscles. Vida Day Spa and Wellness Center has a similar slimming procedure with their lipo-machine, which works with lasers that penetrate about nine millimeters into the skin to melt fat and make the cells permeable. Spa Fiftyseven also has this laser technology, called the I-Lipo, which shrinks fat cells without damaging them or the surrounding tissue.

Spa Fiftyseven’s most popular treatment is the Carboxytherapy, offered in Miami  only at their spa, according to Cynthia Cardona, treatment coordinator. Carboxytherapy reduces fat and cellulite, and breaks down fat cells. Don’t think that this is only a thing women are into. According to Cardona, men are big fans of this treatment as well and use it for their waistlines. It is also good for wrinkles and stretch marks and can stimulate hair growth for alopecia.

If you’re thinking about a facelift, consider the facelift treatment at Armin Salon and Spa, which is done with electrodes and special creams, stimulating collagen production. For best results, the staff recommends you do a deep cleansing and oxygen facial,  then wait two to three days before completing the facelift procedure. Speaking of the Oxygen Therapy facial, this facial is like none other. Celebrities such as Madonna have been reported to be fans. . Your face is washed, toned, moisturized and covered with a mask to open your pores. Then the oxygen treatment is performed by shooting oxygenated pressure into the pores, penetrating about five layers deep into your skin to stimulate new cell growth. After, another mask is placed on your face to close your pores while you breathe in the relaxing scents of the mask and the oxygen to get your blood circulating, leaving your face looking healthier and glowing. This treatment is very popular in Europe and done at Armin by Mari Yazdani, esthetician. Vida Day Spa and Wellness Center has a similar procedure that infuses oxygen with a microdermabrasion procedure called, Oxygenated Microdermabrasion. Bellezza Spa’s Oxygenating Facial has a continual effect due to an encapsulation system that gradually releases the active ingredients.

“A facial once a month to me is like going to the dentist three times a year. Just like plaque builds up and hurts your gums, pores also fill up and have no way to escape. You can see the oxygenation of the skin and brighter skin after a facial,” said Bita Sadeghi McDonnell, owner, Bellezza Spa.

Botanic Skin Care also has a facelift-type of procedure that is done with radio frequency and referred to as the Facelift Without Surgery. Using electrical pulses to tighten skin and reduce wrinkles, the procedure stimulates new collagen growth and elasticity. You can see results after the fourth session and about ten sessions conducted twice a week are recommended. This procedure can also be used on the body to reduce fat and tone the skin, which works similar to the non-invasive liposuction procedures mentioned above. By eliminating excess water, it helps tone, slim and reduce cellulite as well. The Ultra Cavitation treatment is great for reducing cellulite and can leave your skin smooth once again. If you combine healthy eating and an active lifestyle to the treatments, you will see even greater results. Natalia Moreno, Botanic owner, likes to help her patients not only have great skin but live better as well. She said, “I’ve been known to go to Whole Foods with patients to help them pick foods and show them what to eat. I take my time with patients and talk to them about a healthy lifestyle to have healthy skin.”

The Crazy Wrap is an affordable alternative for those who want to slim quickly. In just 45 minutes you can see your problem areas tone, firm and tighten. This wrap has active ingredients that detoxify your body. “The results can last between two and six months,” said Moreno. After the wrap is removed, it will continue to work for up to 72 hours because the ingredients have penetrated into your body. Many of the treatments done at Botanic are inspired by practices from Colombia, Venezuela and Spain.

Many of Bellezza Spa’s treatments are globally inspired as well. The Craniosacral massage, which comes from Germany, works on the central nervous system and helps to reduce stress and relieve pain. This massage is good for people who have ADD, are autistic, hyperactive or those who suffer from migraines. The Tian Di Bamboo massage, which originates from Thailand, uses bamboo for touch and you never come in contact with the therapist’s hands. This is a deep tissue massage good for releasing toxins. It also triggers points and knots that can relieve headaches. This massage can heal tissue that has been scarred or injured, especially for those who participate in sports. The Lomi-Lomi massage is of Hawaiian origin and is sensual massage that connects the spiritual to the physical. It’s done with almost no clothes on and the therapists hands never disconnect from the body. To prepare for the massage, the therapist follows Hawaiian ritual and conducts her own prayer before beginning. This massage relaxes the nervous system and increases circulation. Vida Spa and Wellness Center also offers the Tian Di Bamboo Massage and a version of the Lomi-Lomi that incorporates a blend of Swedish practice and aromatherapy to balance your heart, mind, body and soul.

The Toxin-Releasing Massage, or Lymphatic Drainage Massage, is recommended after chemotherapy to encourage drainage of the lymphatic fluids out of the blood stream.This massage is also good to have done after a surgical procedure to stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid through the areas that have suffered trauma. The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and ducts that move toxins and fluids throughout the body, which accelerates the recuperation process, reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system. This treatment can be done at Bellezza Spa, Spa fiftyseven and Vida Day Spa and Wellness Center.

Myra & Company Spa also offers treatments that are globally inspired, such as their Ayurvedic Body treatment, which includes an oatmeal and honey body scrub followed by a wheat dough massage, an Indian ritual. Their foot refresher treatment, which includes a foot soak, scrub and massage, is derived from Costa Rica using lemongrass oil. They are also very aware of helping your body and not just the skin, by offering fitness classes in their Pilates studio.

If a gorgeous cut, color and beauty update is what you’re in the mood for, both Beach Club Spa and Lyons Salon and Spa offer an array of services. Beach Club claims to be known for their magic hands in contouring the perfect eyebrow shape. “We bring New York to you. I worked on Fifth Ave for many years, so you don’t have to go to New York City for a great cut,” said Rosendo Jesus Duran, owner of Beach Club. Lyons Salon and Spa also offers shiatzu, deep tissue and prenatal massages.

You might think spas are the woman’s domain, but all of these South Miami beauty mavens have seen an increase in their male clientele, from men in their early 20s to men in their 60s. Unlike past stereotypes, these are your regular businessmen and athletes, and they especially use massages and waxing services.

“They realize it’s not just for women. They might not want to look younger, but they want to look relaxed,” said Amy Knaus, spa supervisor and head esthetician at Vida Day Spa and Wellness Center.

Many of these spas have customized massages and facials specifically for their male clients, even offering back facials or “bacials.”. McDonnell commented that she’s noticed men getting Botox around their eyes and forehead as well as participating in facials and massages.

“Men take care of themselves more than women sometimes. They don’t want to get old, and they want to show they are in charge,” said Khavari.

Yet they aren’t always so in charge when first requesting services, Reynaldo Alemany, marketing director for Spa Fiftyseven, said he’s noticed that most men are a bit shy and will email instead of calling the spa, especially when inquiring about lipo.

Whether you’re updating your look, relaxing with a facial or massage, or having a body slimming treatment, or even a face lift, South Miami’s spas feature a wide array of options and expert staff willing to work with you and help you achieve a happier, healthier lifestyle. Prepare to be not only pampered but also to look like a better, younger, fitter version of yourself.



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