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Fall ushers in  new collegiate and NFL action, premieres of TV network shows, another new iphone, school projects for kids (and parents too!) and so much more.  With October, we welcome another new beginning for your SOMI Magazine. And an exciting new beginning it is with a new look to mark our tenth anniversary!

I want to acknowledge those retail business, restaurants and institutions and service providers who have contributed to the success of this publication with their advertising and, in many cases, their personal support over past nine years.  I thank you!

As we begin Volume X, we have some creative and editorial changes moving forward.  The first major change, at least visually, is our new neon SOMI Magazine logo.  As someone remarked to me in the development stage: “That’s hot!” I hope you think so too….

Editorially, we’ve made some changes as well.  We’ve expanded from a single focused wine article to “Wine & Spirits,” given particularly the rise of “craft cocktails” at restaurant bars.  Our fitness article has morphed to the broader category of “Wellness,” and will look to the Chamber South Wellness Committee for their input.

Another feature this year focuses on businesses which are observing milestone years of entrepreneurship.  As we at SOMI Magazine pause and reflect on our ten years, we wanted to acknowledge area businesses who are observing 10, 20, 25 and more years.  In this issue we acknowledge the mother-daughter team at Margaux.  In subsequent issues, we’ll visit with John the Tailor who’s got the most years going, and Vigi, who turned the corner on fashion with her move to Red Road 15 years ago. Also, The Big Cheese has got 30 years, and Express Ironing, ten.  If you know of others, please let us know.

I would also like to acknowledge the continued growth of the Red/Sunset Merchants Association.  With that business association and Chamber South, many worthwhile projects for our area are planned during the upcoming year.  If you’re a business owner in our community, I invite you to join and lend the unique contribution of yourself.

As a founding sponsor of Art Night South Miami, I’m delighted to invite you to “Get Your Art On” and come on out for “SOMIartwalk©.”  The seventh season begins on October 10, and is held on the second Friday of each month through March, 2014.  Unlike other communities which have multiple art galleries and host art night events, South Miami relies on its responsive retail establishments to host artists and our tree-lined sidewalks to showcase visual and performing artists.

And speaking of art, put on your calendar the 43nd annual CHAMBER SOUTH Art Festival held on Sunset Drive the first weekend of November.

That’s about it from me.  Now it’s your turn to BE PART OF THE CONVERSATIONsm.  Let us know what your take is on our changes and what’s happening in “SOMI.”

Enjoy Volume X, Number 1, and thanks for sharing SOMI Magazine with friends.

All the best!





Just in case you haven’t gone there, SOMI Magazine is online (www.somimag.loc).  We’ve changed that website up to make it a more interactive tool for you to stay in touch with all things SOMI.


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