THE LOW DOWN: Low-Calorie Indulgences That’ll Fill Your Cravings

Losing weight and getting in shape can often be daunting when many of the diets out there alternate between insane fads, such as soup only, or the effective but ever-miserable bodybuilder style chicken and broccoli five times per day. While there are definitely foods that have no role in a healthy nutrition plan – let alone a diet geared toward weight loss – often times, with a little creativity, one can enjoy delicious, low-calorie variations of favorite meals and not suffer the consequences on the waist-line.

There are a plethora of healthy recipes that are truly only limited by one’s own imagination, but here you will find 3 delicious, filling, low calorie meals that can be eaten by those trying to lose weight or just trying to stay fit and healthy.

Caramelized Apple
Apple pie is always a favorite dessert but is packed with calories coming from lots of carbs and fat. Recreate the same delicious flavor but without the nutritional damage: cut up slices of an apple, add some stevia and cook in a pan (Stevia is a sweetener that has practically zero calories but unlike the other artificial sweeteners, it is natural). Once the stevia has caramelized, top it off with some cinnamon – again, practically zero calories – and enjoy. 

Mashed Cauliflower
Instead of mashed potatoes, which are often very calorie dense (and almost all those calories coming from carbs!), have mashed cauliflower. Steam the cauliflower first and then mash it with salt and pepper to taste. Cauliflowers are very low calorie as they are mostly dietary fiber – a type of carbohydrate that the human body cannot actually digest.

Eggplant or Zucchini Lasagna
Yes, thats right, lasgna is actually on a list of healthy, low-calorie foods. Instead of using pasta, thinly slice long strips of eggplant or zucchini and add plenty more vegetables, tomato sauce and a sparing amount of cheese. Unlike your usual lasagna, this meal is low on carbs, high in vitamins and antioxidants from the veggies and just as tasty.

Losing weight, eating healthy and staying in shape does not need to be about self-deprivation. Incorporate these delicious, low-calorie meals into your diet as well as a regular exercise regiment and your body will thank you.



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